Change. The Only Constant.

CampusWorks provides solutions that promote positive change and future-proof your campus.

Suite Success: Optimization Services, Enterprise Solutions, and Technology Management

Want to increase your happy campus quotient? The formula for fulfilling potential is at your fingertips with CampusWorks. It all starts with listening — to your goals, your challenges, your staff, and your students. To fill the gaps, you have to know where they are and how they got there. CampusWorks works to make your campus whole, happy, and ready for anything.

Optimization for Higher Ed

We Hear You

Optimization Services for Higher Education

CampusWorks strategies and services are intentional and disciplined. What we provide leads to fundamental decisions and actions that help shape who you are, what you do, and why.

Optimization makes campuses work better, smarter, and at peak performance. Efficiency is within reach.

Strategic Planning

If organizations haven’t learned to anticipate and plan for change — BIG change — at this point, they never will. The future waits for no one and, if you think about it, we’re all in the business of the future. We are continually preparing our colleges, universities and students for that future, where they will be the change. With CampusWorks, you won’t only be future-proofing your campus, but you’ll be building the consensus that strengthens buy-in and ensures the proper execution of your strategic plan. How do we get 100 percent buy-in, 100 percent of the time? By bringing an objective, authentic voice of experience to your college or university. Get together, plan ahead, and stay on the leading edge. It works.

Process Reimagine and Redesign

As the world is reimagined, so, too, is each student’s journey. Sometimes, there’s no straight line through campus from enrollment to graduation. Life happens. CampusWorks knows this and helps you not only prepare and adapt, but innovate and lead.

Enrollment Management

Enrollment can be a rollercoaster ride or a spinning teacup (choose your amusement park analogy!) — either way, it can be a wild ride. And that’s all the more reason managing enrollment and recovery must be steady and stable. We help find the balance so you can compete, as well as get the strategies you need to drive successful outcomes.


There’s pomp, and then there’s circumstance. And, while sometimes circumstances are tough to navigate, CampusWorks helps you meet alumni where they are to create the necessary seamless and continual loyalty-building experiences that lead to a giving state of mind. Your campus community is special. We help build the relationships that last a lifetime and help keep it that way.

Shared Services

Some of the most important services you deliver can be done more cost-effectively when institutions work together to share plans, tactics, and even staff positions. Find your strength in numbers.

ERP solutions for Higher Ed

True Partners Don’t Provide Pre-Packaged Solutions

Enterprise Solutions for Higher Education

Change is hard. Not changing is worse. Enterprise solutions make your campus work — day and night. If you’re not getting the most out of your enterprise resource planning (ERP), it’s time to reevaluate. CampusWorks makes it easy. We’re fiercely independent from all other vendors and solutions so you’ll get the best advice for your institution.


We get it. ERP can be overwhelming. Should you keep your current system? Are you utilizing its full capabilities? Is it time for a change? And perhaps the biggest question of all, will your staff embrace the change and execute on it every day? You ask, we answer. It’s what works.

Future State Process Reimagined

When it’s time to deploy a new system, you need to architect that system to fit the processes the institution needs tomorrow, not just what is happening today. Modernization starts here and the student experience for today’s and tomorrow’s student is right in the center of success.

Evaluation and Selection

As an independent voice, CampusWorks knows what to ask, where to look, and how to get everyone on board with big IT decisions. We help by taking the stress out and putting the efficiency back in.


By definition, systems are complex. From your campus ecosystem to the young minds you’re shaping, your campus enterprise solution is only as good as the human systems used to deploy and maintain it. We bring the humanity and the expertise to power your system to peak performance.

Data Migration

Clean data clears the way for mitigating migration migraines and ensuring a smooth transition. But it’s the people that make it happen — and that takes understanding and energy. We’ve got your back.

Staff Augmentation

From CFOs to COOs to IT staff to department leaders, we have the staff acronym alphabet covered. It’s one thing to make a plan, but a plan sits on the proverbial shelf until people execute it. CampusWorks has you covered from A to Z.

Technology management

Stay Open 24/7/365

Technology Management for Higher Education

We help you build, integrate, and maintain the systems that keep you open for learning — and for business. Whether that means going to the cloud or staying on premises. From budget to buy-in, we create sustainable models that scale over time, meet student needs, and deliver value aligned to cost for your campus.


A CampusWorks assessment helps you make the grade! Parents, students, faculty, and staff are looking for an A+ experience, and that includes taking the daily frustrations out of student information systems (SIS), human capital management (HCM), and financial systems.

Managed Services

IT is tough out there. But, what if you could get the best of the best by outsourcing IT in pieces or as a whole? That’s where IT becomes EZ. CampusWorks is your source for the right people at the right time and that means peace of mind for you, your staff, and your students.

Application Management

What CampusWorks does for enterprise and ERP systems, we also do for applications that serve specific campus departments. From providing the legacy services while your current tech team gets up to speed on a new product or sending in seasoned experts when you can’t find the talent you require, we help you keep moving — and fast. As you work to reconfigure and optimize existing solutions to meet today’s challenges, we’re with you to manage all of your enterprise solution issues, together.

Interim Staffing and Staff Augmentation

Turnover creates stress and opportunity. We can assist with providing qualified temporary leadership so you have ample time to seek the best leader for the role. Whether mapping out temporary leadership strategies or coaching your next executive through transition, we’re here to help you have a better today — and a better tomorrow.

Infrastructure Management

If systems and technology are falling behind, CampusWorks can get you back up to speed. Network operations, WIFI, telephone operations, and identity management and security are critical to day-to-day operations. When you’re short-staffed, we step in to run the essential operations that are crucial to your students’ experiences.

The world won’t wait.

Optimize your investment and modernize your campus.