Future State Process Reimagined

Future State Process Reimagined 

Before undertaking an enterprise system optimization or modernization project, many institutions miss the opportunity to reimagine how they can conduct business and deliver services to meet the demands of their constituencies. CampusWorks Future State Process Reimagined (FSPR) engages and excites key stakeholders so they embrace the changes desired in an enterprise system modernization project.  

Transforming Business Outcomes

CampusWorks has led the reimagining of thousands of business processes and made recommendations for scores of institutions that needed system optimization and modernization reviews. CampusWorks is deeply experienced in areas that have the most impact on transforming business outcomes, including: 

  • Student Services 
  • Human Resources 
  • Finance  
  • Financial Aid 
  • Admissions 
  • Registration 
  • Constituent Relationship Management 
  • Advancement 
  • Student Planning 

Reimagining these functional areas prior to an enterprise system implementation increases the probability of implementing a system that allows for a higher performing work environment and reduces risk during the enterprise system migration. This effort is designed to enhance the success of an implementation by establishing more efficient processes to improve service to students and enhance capability to meet your institution’s changing needs. 


FSPR Methodology

CampusWorks’ Future State Process Reimagined supplies a structured approach to process redesign as part of the pre-modernization process. These discussions inform the transformation needed when an institution engages in an enterprise system modernization project. CampusWorks functional experts facilitate discussions with cross-functional teams to define the ideal student and employee experience across hundreds of institutional processes.  

This methodology is designed to deliver the following results: 

  • Leads the team to consensus on delivering the ideal core institutional and student services aligned to the desired student experience. 
  • Builds a common vocabulary among those who will be responsible for evaluating new enterprise systems, allowing them to discuss the role modern technology plays in supporting core institutional and student services.  
  • Defines a shared vision of the desired execution of each process, reducing the vendor’s configuration efforts by pulling forward the decision-making needed for the implementation. 
  • Provides the foundation for understanding and documenting the institution’s requirements of a new enterprise solution.