The Future is Being Constantly Reimagined

Just as the world never stops evolving, young people never stop changing. CampusWorks embraces change to ensure your campus meets every challenge, every day.

Process Reimagine and Redesign for Higher Education

The pandemic laid bare challenges we didn’t know we had. And, the fallout is everywhere — from supply chain issues to the damage to our collective psyche.

Process Reimagine and Redesign (PRR) charts immediate short- and long-term opportunities and plans for improvement. It includes “what ifs” and “if/thens.” It’s cross-functional, cross-disciplinary, and cross-synaptic. It provides the direction for facilitating departmental efficiencies and guides campuses through ways to reduce administrative costs while enhancing services.

student services redesign

Defining the Future of Student Experiences

How can a company like CampusWorks help smooth the way for our young people in the midst of a mental health epidemic, a world of uncertainty, and the everyday challenges that come with becoming an adult?

We start by acknowledging that, just as students are different from each other, higher education is different from other sectors. Where some best practices do apply, some models for achieving them may not. Our experience informs how we approach process reimagining and redesign in terms of satisfying the ultimate clients: the students (and their parents)!

CampusWorks has developed a one-of-a-kind workshop aptly named the “Defining the Student Experience Workshop.” This unique workshop brings students, faculty, and staff together to collaboratively define aspirational student experiences, which become the foundation of process redesign for your campus.

Similar to any renovation project, day-to-day operations must go on while the work is being done. That’s why CampusWorks does the heavy lifting so your team can keep on keeping on.

Because our senior talent have walked in your shoes, they are infinitely familiar with every step that needs to be taken to reach your destination: an efficient, streamlined, happy campus. They are subject matter and process improvement experts who know what works — from the design of holistic processes to technology use and from developing new policies to building the right teams that help get your campus “unstuck.” Progress during times of uncertainty is challenging. But not making progress can be fatal.

We can help our campus clients:

  • Personalize and streamline student and employee experiences.
  • Engage staff and faculty on a deeper level to understand their wants and needs.
  • Automate where it makes sense to improve operational efficiencies.
  • Transform processes from days to seconds.

The goal? Deeper engagement and a campus that’s happier because it works better. That results in time savings, increased revenue, and the trust that creates peace of mind.

Return on Investment: Campuses that Work Better

Students, employers, and parents are looking for a greater ROI, particularly as costs skyrocket, disruptions abound, and alternatives to the common degree path are revealed every day.

CampusWorks’ clients need that same proof of return. We do that by:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of current student and staff service levels, organizational structure, business processes, and technology.
  • Determining baseline metrics, and forming ambitious but attainable goals.
  • Aligning current processes (organizational design, staffing, workloads) with strategic plans.

Process Reimagine and Redesign

Common Focus Areas

  • Admissions
  • Registration and Curriculum
  • Continuing Education
  • Student Accounts
  • Human Resources/Payroll
  • Student Planning
  • Academic Scheduling
  • Financial Aid
  • Finance
  • Advancement and Alumni Relations