Putting Tech to the Test

If your tech services need a reboot, CampusWorks can help.

it application management services

Application Management Services for Higher Education

The talent drain in higher ed is real. Limited accessibility to seasoned enterprise app experts, whether for ERP/SIS/CRM or LMS, can put a wrench in the best-laid strategic plan. At CampusWorks, we know the last thing you want is this drain in talent to be a drain on your campus experience for students and staff. We can help by evaluating your needs and then quickly and seamlessly refilling your team’s talent pool. We provide you with the application management services and staff to not only stay afloat during turbulent times, but know the CampusWorks calm that gets you back to happy.

From providing legacy services while your current tech team gets up to speed on a new product to sending in seasoned experts when you can’t find the regional talent you require, we help you get through the rough roads without slowing you down. And, as you work to reconfigure and optimize your existing solutions to meet the challenges of today, we’re by your side to get you through the transition and manage all of your enterprise solution issues, together.

When collaboration is key, we open doors to create a seamless environment for service delivery.


  • Objectively assesses department needs
  • Evaluates current main systems that other applications might leverage
  • Looks at processes vis-à-vis best practices or long-overdue practice updates
  • Measure outcomes and gains, shepherd the integration, and put together a sustainable support plan
  • Provides vendor-neutral recommendations based solely on what works for you and your campus
  • Becomes a seamless part of existing staff (something we often hear directly from presidents!)