Shared Services. Scale Your Success.

Explore creative solutions to service delivery and strategic partnerships that bring big gains

Shared Services Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs for Institutions of Higher Education

At CampusWorks, we have crafted unique shared service models within and across institutions around the country. In the best arrangements, shared service agreements optimize systems, tools, people, and processes to provide not only the path to reaching your potential but the means to get there.

It takes courage and give and take for shared services to realize maximum return. Sustainable shared services are built on commonalities and infrastructure that enable collaboration and extend human and financial capacity. Each model is different and reflects the appetite and culture of the participating institution. CampusWorks has a track record of creating sustainable shared solutions with one goal in mind: ensuring a campus works to its peak potential. It’s not just in our name, it’s our ethos.

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Facing Challenges Face-to-Face

CampusWorks offers the insight and information to make sure you meet your match when it comes to partnering for shared services. We identify areas of common interest, proximity to purpose, and logistical constraints or opportunities that deliver real value. We help you create, share, and optimize services to scale operational efficiencies, save money, and meet the demand for service-driven administrative support.

For example, whether your campus has 250, 2,500 or 25,000 students, chances are you’re providing a level of campus security — some of which is different, but a lot of it which is the same across campuses. We’ll help you uncover whether or not sharing that service (talent, investment, infrastructure, software) could save time, money, or hassle, as well as what it takes to get there, who to partner with and, ultimately, how it affects your bottom line.

We’re with you to tackle today’s challenges head on — and provide the strategies, tactics, and tools to execute. We stay positive because we know that together, everything is possible.

Opportunities for Shared Services:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resources
  • Information technology and cybersecurity
  • Research administration

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Increasing value and quality
  • Offering extended hours
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

All of these things help smooth the way for a better workday and better student experience … a happier campus.

Take Note: Mergers and Consolidations

If your institution is assessing mergers or consolidation, shared services might be the answer. Shared services enable institutions to retain the true spirit of their campuses while offering the same level of service and protection that the largest and best-funded institutions provide. Solving problems “at scale” empowers institutions. Now, colleges and universities have the resources needed to be able to anticipate and address issues — to be proactive instead of reactive. This allows for greater compliance, cost savings, and increased efficiency across the board. Flexibility and creativity can never be sacrificed in terms of assessing and meeting the needs of the campus community. Shared services ensures they aren’t.

Shared Services Assessment

It starts with a conversation and grows from there. Where do you want to be in five years? What would you do if you had unlimited resources? What’s most important to you? What’s your biggest fear or toughest challenge? CampusWorks knows equitable operational solutions are just as important as equitable student experiences. Some things just can’t be compromised, no matter how small or large the institution.

Due to market pressures, however, some resources — like software or staff — may seem beyond the bounds. We work to put every possibility within reach so you can take advantage of each and every opportunity to achieve your goals. Our independent, agnostic observations of participating institutions help us identify gaps and opportunities. Shared funding can fill those gaps and take you to new heights. CampusWorks’ assessments of your people, processes, and solutions result in detailed action plans ready to execute on every level.

Efficiency may not equal happiness but, in our minds, it sure comes close.

Shared Services Governance and Management

Just as all people are not alike, neither are all partnerships or institutions. Aligning institutional cultures with business needs is essential for creating truly sustainable shared services.

Assessment outcomes mean change is coming. And change, ironically, requires a plan for sustainability. CampusWorks creates sustainable models that support continuous quality and protection for the life of the shared services agreement.

Speaking of change, employee turnover happens. When it does, you can count on a governance model that ensures continual and clear understanding of common goals and the balance of cultural and business demands.

Shared Services Software Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation

Learning is at the heart of what you do, and learning is at the heart of what we do. When it comes to leading a shared software evaluation and selection process for multiple colleges or institutions, presidents know having an objective third party at the head is a must. At CampusWorks, we agree that objectivity and best practices improve the process and the results, so it’s our goal to match you with a steady, experienced pro who can guide you to the best decision. The level of engagement that occurs throughout the CampusWorks process has resulted in unanimous decisions 100 percent of the time. Change may take time, but it also takes buy-in. And, early buy-in ensures implementation success.

When it comes to a shared software strategy, CampusWorks employs processes we have helped hundreds of institutions execute. Because of our extensive experience, we’ve learned clarity is key. Put simply, shared services require us to look through a broader lens to address the needs of multiple institutions. This view lets us take a big picture approach while not losing sight of the details, ensuring that shared services equals shared success.

We map our process and approach on the journey to a happy campus. Scaled to fit your specific needs, it looks like this:

  • Step One: Software Readiness Assessment. First, get ready and stay ready with an evaluation designed to help you identify the costs, challenges, and necessary improvements to work smarter and more efficiently using shared services change management and governance for a successful software migration.
  • Step Two: Process Reimagine and Redesign (PRR). Keep going and envision a happier campus with a review, reimagine, and redesign of your student, employee, and institutional processes. For example, a review of critical business processes like registration or gift processing and PRR will uncover issues unique to each institution. Partners then agree to a shared service model to improve processes and work toward more ideal student and employee experiences.
  • Step Three: RFP Development. Now it’s time to capture all unique and planned transitions in a software migration that surfaced during the previous phase(s). Our scenario-based RFP development identifies and articulates software requirements to ensure a competitive procurement process aligned to all institutions’ business needs, for all functional departments. That’s a win-win.
  • Step Four: Evaluation/Selection/Negotiation. This phase is about the right fit. Our well-defined and proven software evaluation, selection, and negotiation process means together we identify the right software platform and implementation partner for you: one that fits your goals, style, and budget.
  • Step Five: Enterprise Systems Implementation Success Services. It’s time to implement! CampusWorks’ software implementation support via project, program, and change management ensures expectations are met and transformations are realized — on-time, every time.

For planning and implementation, we ask (and answer!), “How will you support your plan? How will you optimize the human, financial, and technological resources to turn your plan into action — and practice?” Your CampusWorks team has the depth and breadth to allow you to pivot, progress, and partner with one firm to deliver the assessment, the plan, and the results. That’s not consulting. That’s partnership.

Shared Services Staff Augmentation

Implementing shared services typically means big changes for employees when it comes to day-to-day roles. At CampusWorks, we’re here to ensure this remains seamless. For example, implementing new cybersecurity strategies requires one point person who calls the shots and takes the lead. We make certain roles are defined, everyone’s talents are put to use, and your campus doesn’t miss a beat. So, while there may be some initial adjustment period, the goal is seamless security, staff steadiness, and shared success.

The same is true if we’re consolidating registration or ERP solutions. Shared management means that tools, processes, or support may change. And, while change can be challenging, it can also be an opportunity.

Similarly, change occurs among staff. A retirement, resignation, or departure doesn’t need to leave you scrambling. Our 300+ experienced CampusWorks employees are ready to help you manage staff turnover by filling temporary gaps and mentoring staff, from leaders to teams. We inspire, lead, and implement the change that transforms culture and positively impacts the health — and future — of your campus.