Change is Hard. Not Changing is Worse.

Independent evaluations lead to unanimous decisions.

Enterprise Evaluation and Selection for Higher Education

Deciding to leave your legacy ERP/SIS system can cause a lot of anxiety and spark a lot of questions such as what systems are reliable? Which vendors do what they say they will do? Which solutions are best suited to your requirements? How can I ensure I get the best value once I choose a solution? CampusWorks sparks confidence by helping you select new software and implementation partners that work for you and your campus.

If it is time for a new system, we provide independent, objective evaluations and recommendations. When your system works, you save time, money, and the daily frustration that comes with a system out of kilter.

Never Settle for “Pretty Good Practices”

  • Do you see bottlenecks with class registration, delays with financial aid disbursement, and/or cumbersome admissions processes?
  • Have you analyzed your business practices against today’s best practices?
  • Do you see the big picture of your system’s effectiveness? “Shadow system” may sound cool, but customizations and interfaces can erode efficiency.
  • When was the last time you modernized your system?
  • How do you feel about unanimous decisions?