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Celebrating 25 Years of Happy

Since its founding in 1999, CampusWorks has embarked on an extraordinary journey, marked by an unwavering commitment to listening, learning, and leadership.

Services for Higher Education
Award-Winning Workplace!

Fortune recognizes CampusWorks as a Best Workplace for Millennials.

Services for Higher Education
Supercharge Your Institution

In today’s hot job market, recruiting and retaining top talent is tough. Leaders are turning to flexible, on-demand staffing to keep up and get ahead.

Services for Higher Education
Your Happy Campus

“Happy Campus” is more than a concept; it’s a practical, achievable vision. Discover five steps to steer your private institution toward a brighter future.

Services for Higher Education
Happy Campus: Metropolitan CC

Reimagining the Student and Employee Experiences at Metropolitan Community College

Services for Higher Education
I want to:

Experts at your Fingertips

With 300+ experts who have higher ed leadership experience in functional and technical areas across campus ecosystems, your team didn't just get deeper, it got stronger.

100 Percent Unanimous System Selection Decisions

When was the last time everybody agreed on everything? With CampusWorks, it happens. From ERP assessments to finding your next major system, we make sure everyone is heard and understood. Approved? 100 percent!

Where Does IT Hurt?

Let's tailor solutions for anything from extra hands to extra brains, an IT refresh, or a complete outsourcing redo from specific functions to managed services. We'll make IT all better.

Let's Get Back to Happy.

CampusWorks helps colleges and universities reach their full potential, so students can too.

It starts by having meaningful conversations that lead to meaningful relationships where clients are always heard and understood. It's in these moments where conversations lead to transformative, sustainable solutions that address root causes of inefficiency and stress.

When a campus works, it grows, competes, and is well-loved. And a thriving campus? It loves you back.

Strategic Planning for Universities

Integrated Strategic Planning

Reaching your goals and realizing your vision aren't abstract concepts in some far-off future. You wake up on a mission every day. We can Read more about strategic planning for higher education institutionsrelate. Because when your institution is aligned across all sectors, and everybody not only knows the goals but works together to reach them, you thrive — and, to be honest, so do we. You call it integrated strategic planning, we call it happiness alignment. close strategic planning section

Process Redesign for Higher Education

Process Reimagine and Redesign

When you are close to a project, sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and get a fresh perspective. At CampusWorks the Expand section on higher education process design status quo is a status no. We rethink, reimagine, redesign, and reignite passion and purpose so you and your campus ecosystem stay healthy and running at peak potential every day. close section on College process reimagine & redesign

technology assesments

Organizational and Technology Assessments

CampusWorks offers an independent perspective — a second opinion — about what's ailing your teams, your service, and Read more on technology assesments for Colleges and Universities your campus systems and why. Because our institutional knowledge is knowledge of institutions, we can assess where you stand in the competitive landscape, from hiring staff to enrolling students, and help you stand out in a crowded field. close section on technology assesment services

staff augmentation services

Staffing and Leadership

You can have all the right systems in place, but it takes an experienced team to innovate and inspire change. Sometimes it takes a jump Read more about staff augmentation for higher education start and an independent perspective. Other times, it means filling a critical position. Oftentimes, it means a bigger team to handle a daunting project, interim leadership to drive transformation, or managed services to guide growth and innovation. What you need is what CampusWorks provides. Our talent, expertise, and approach become yours, and that means we are always there and always available — from planning through completion. That’s peace of mind you can count on. close section on staff augmentation in higher ed

higher education project management

Project Management and Technical Support

Big systems can cause big anxiety. You wouldn't send a student into the world unprepared to face life's challenges, and we feel the same Read more about project management in higher education way. Since we start every project by listening, we're able to take the fear out of change and work with you to create a path to peace of mind. And, because we're fiercely independent, you can trust us to deliver unbiased solution options that your team can sustain independently long after our work is complete. close section on university project management

shared services higher education

Shared Services

Shared Services mean shared success. When resources are scarce, wouldn't it be nice to share the load — and the cost? Common ground Read more about shared services in higher education yields uncommon results and real value. CampusWorks uncovers, defines, and implements shared and optimized services to scale operational efficiencies, maximize your budget, and empower you to compete on every level. Close section for campus shared services

Realizing Your Full Potential

The Happy Campus Quotient

How do you define and measure success? Every campus has unique challenges that call for custom solutions. CampusWorks identifies issues and then designs and implements plans that help you perform to your full potential. Increased efficiency helps you raise your profile, and get noticed! That's a formula for success.

  • 100%

    Trust Index

  • 98%

    Referral rate

  • 100%

    Unanimous Decision Track Record

  • 97%

    Personnel Fit

campus management support
Campus Solutions
Humanity 101 A college campus is a special place…
campus consultants

And each and every student travels their own path to get there, be there, and take a piece of it with them after they leave.

As graduates, they travel through life carrying a part of that campus spirit with them. Whether first-generation, legacies, young and old, determined and undecided, traditional and non-traditional, international and transfer, students are the reason colleges and universities exist. And, CampusWorks takes this purpose to heart.

We're committed to collaborating with institutions of higher education to solve the challenges you face, so your students can confidently work toward their full potential.

Meaningful Conversations: Hear from Your Peers
Streamlining the Student Experience
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Why Turn to CampusWorks?

Hear from 3 Presidents on CampusWorks' support on the path to creating the best student experience possible.

CampusWorks Testimonials

Confidence in the CampusWorks Team

CampusWorks offers innovative solutions to contemporary IT challenges. Services are provided by professional, reliable, and flexible national IT experts. CampusWorks is outstanding because not only do you work with onsite professionals but you also have access to subject matter experts throughout their entire organization.

Dr. Leah Bornstein President / Aims Community College

CampusWorks’ Agenda is the Institution’s Success

“Working with CampusWorks helped connect technology to the mission of the institution. Since they are a product agnostic partner, we were able to focus our attention on the needs of our students and the campus community and allow CampusWorks’ experts to focus on how the software solutions could support our goals.”

Dr. Jackie Elliott President / Central Arizona College

Journey Together with CampusWorks

“That’s why we say at SUNY Schenectady, that if you want to travel faster, travel alone. But if you want to travel further, travel together, and we have done that with our students and CampusWorks has done that with us. That is the wisdom of an African proverb.”

Dr. Steady Moono, President / SUNY Schenectady County Community College

Building Lifelong Partnerships with Clients

“Our relationship began initially to fulfill some IT needs, particularly at the top, as our CIO. Over the years, it has developed as an emerging partnership, which not only addresses IT needs but has a particular emphasis on business process, systems review throughout the campus, and fulfilling niche needs. The value to Bunker Hill is evolving, has been proven, and we look forward to continuing this relationship for many years into the future.”

John Pitcher, Vice President of Administration & Finance / Bunker Hill Community College

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