Campus Life at CampusWorks

Our happy campus needs people who are passionate about driving positive change in higher education.

Why Choose CampusWorks?


Make a difference in the lives of students and educators across the nation by helping colleges and universities thrive in the digital age.


Join a diverse team of industry experts, thought leaders, and creative minds who collaborate seamlessly to tackle complex challenges.


Unlock your full potential through continuous learning and professional development opportunities tailored to your career aspirations.


Experience a supportive and inclusive culture where your voice is heard, your ideas are valued, and your contributions are celebrated.


Enjoy a flexible work environment that promotes work-life balance and allows you to thrive both personally and professionally.


Enhance your quality of life with our comprehensive benefits package and perks that together create a supportive environment where you can thrive personally and professionally.

We’re on a Shared Mission for Shared Success

Here at CampusWorks, we all work together to evolve our environment, our goals and processes, and our outlook.

Our teams build each other up and work together with a common goal in mind…success!

You will have a group of individuals, regardless of where they are in the company or what their title says, that will help you whenever you need it… and that makes life on our campus a whole lot easier!

If you don’t see a current opportunity that meets your needs, join one of our Talent Communities to be considered for future opportunities.

Our Guiding Principles

Integrity and ethics are the basis for advancing our business.

Trust is the foundation of our esteemed reputation, fortified by each team member’s commitment to act honestly and ethically in every interaction.

We are compassionate.

We value human connection and approach every conversation with empathy and understanding.

We do what we say.

We are responsive to the challenges we uncover while fulfilling the promises we’ve made.

We stop, think, and then go.

We foster thoughtful decision-making by listening to many voices, reflecting on all that we hear, consulting with our peers, and then offering informed recommendations and strategies.

If it is good for the client, it is good for CampusWorks.

We prioritize our clients’ interests, knowing that their success directly contributes to our own.

We work with, not around.

We collaborate with each other to solve our clients’ challenges and help them achieve sustainable results.

We respect diversity, experience, innovation, and courage.

We value a variety of perspectives and skills, fostering an environment where creativity and bold solutions are encouraged.

We are a team. You are never alone.

Our supportive, people-first culture ensures that every team member feels included and valued.

Our people and results distinguish us.

The exceptional talent of our team and the transformative results they deliver set us apart in the industry.

Enjoy Your Work-Life Balance


► Medical
► Dental
► Retirement
► Life and Supplemental Insurance
► Flexible Spending Account
► Disability
► Employee Assistance Program
► Wellness Benefits
► Employee Discount Program
► Employee Referral Program (employee favorite!)

Professional Development

CampusWorks emphasizes the significance of professional development for both organizational success and individual growth within the team. Our approach to learning and development is guided by a framework that recognizes the diverse ways individuals learn. This approach involves a blend of experiences, exposure, and education, allowing for a well-rounded and effective development strategy.