Change is Hard. Not Changing is Worse.

The best data can make your day, and your year.

Enterprise Data Migrations

Enterprise Data Migration for Higher Education

A new ERP solution will be as effective as your data is clean. CampusWorks takes the stress off your team by helping you move your data from point A to point B cleanly and completely. Today’s software providers and implementers put more responsibility for data migration on the institution. Since your team has relatively little experience migrating data, we advise you on best practices, data collection, and regulatory impacts. And, because we know people are the key component to the success or failure of any ERP solution, we make sure yours are involved — from talk and tactics through finishing touches.

Quality Data for Higher Quality of Work


  • Takes the guesswork out of data migration by providing proven methodologies to assess data quality
  • Provides best practices to prepare data for migration so you end up with clean data in your new system, not dirty data in a new format
  • Takes on the one-time tasks your staff will never need to do again — allowing them to focus on learning the parts of the solution they’ll use regularly