Change is Hard. Not Changing is Worse.

Are your systems your problem?

ERP Assessment

Enterprise Assessment for Higher Education

We get it. ERP can be overwhelming. Should you keep your current system? Are you utilizing its full capabilities? Is it time for a change? And, perhaps the biggest question of all, will your staff embrace the change and execute on it every day?

CampusWorks knows what to ask, where to look, and how to get everyone on board with big evaluation decisions to take the stress out and put the efficiency back in.

If you’re not getting the most out of your enterprise solutions across campus, it’s time to reevaluate. ERPs, LMSs, CRMs, and hundreds of other niche solutions that fill the gaps to make your work more fulfilling — not just full. You ask, we answer. It’s what works.

Success starts with Enterprise Assessment for Higher Education

CampusWorks assesses where your legacy technology ecosystem is at risk by evaluating old technology, seeing where staff have devised their own workarounds, and determining if the system is being underutilized or is just outdated and outlived its usefulness.

Ask Hard Questions to Get Good Answers

  • Is your system meeting the needs of your campus and your students, from first contact through alumni relations?
  • Are you regularly being asked to increase staff size to accomplish fundamental tasks?
  • Do students complain that your solutions are antiquated, not easily accessible, and leave them wondering what’s the next step?
  • Is your system operating at full functionality, or are users stuck in old habits and unaware of upgrades and functions?
  • Can you easily access and analyze data to make informed decisions?