Putting Tech to the Test

If your tech services need a reboot, CampusWorks can help.

managed it services for education

Technology Managed Services for Higher Education

Managing IT is one thing. Modernizing it takes constant vigilance. Just as students mature over their time on your campus, so does technology. And, just as you know how to care for maturing students, we know how to care for and grow your IT strategy, which ultimately primes and solidifies your core campus operations. CampusWorks is uniquely qualified to build that core and bolster its strength all along the IT continuum.

Between the pros and cons of working anywhere, anytime, the private sector luring away qualified talent, and the perceived lack of opportunities for career advancement, filling IT jobs takes creativity, ingenuity, and a multi-pronged strategy. CampusWorks helps you get the best of the best by co-sourcing IT in pieces or as a whole. We make IT easy. We’re your source for the right people at the right time, and that means peace of mind for you, your staff, and your students.

Imagine 300 CampusWorks employees ready to serve your institution to overcome any challenge and lay the groundwork to strengthen your organization for years to come. We’ll draw from all our expertise to provide:

  • The maturity rating of your IT organization
  • Deployment of a modern IT methodology
  • A cohesive partnership between our team and yours
  • Transformation to a service culture mentality
  • The needs of the organization to innovate, grow, run, solidify, and simplify
  • A transition plan that introduces new expertise where it is needed
  • Strong communication to prevent disruption
  • A redesigned student and employee journey
  • Reimagined and redesigned business processes
  • A path to a foundational, sustainable model

When we work together, we create the ideal student experiences designed to advance your institution’s mission and vision.