Take Your Mark, then Make Your Mark

Students are looking for a sense of belonging as they decide where to invest their time and money. They’re asking, “Can I see myself on this campus?”

Enrollment Management

CampusWorks enables institutions to manage enrollment by practically applying a wealth of knowledge to solve any challenge. And if knowledge is power, implementation is a superpower. We help you implement — and sustain — the strategies that make your campus work.

Sometimes you have to get out of your own head to see the answers. Our team of enrollment professionals provides an outside perspective to clearly identify your unique challenges. And, every challenge? It’s an opportunity.

Recruitment, enrollment, retention, graduation, and career services are all milestones that mark student effort, achievement, and ambition. At CampusWorks, it’s our job to support you and your staff so you can do what you do best — support students.

Enrollment Management Services

How do we do it?

At CampusWorks, we recognize that students are individuals participating in a shared experience that can shape them for years to come. Because we respect both the common goals of a campus as a whole, as well as the uniqueness of the student experience, we’re able to offer customized solutions — and do it in real-time.

We optimize campus systems to meet today’s challenges, so the entire campus community can be healthier and happier.

  • Market Insights. Know what’s happening not just locally, but globally.
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis. See where you fit in, where you’re succeeding, and where you might improve.
  • Data-informed Action Plans. Optimize your data to optimize your students’ experiences.
  • Training and Support. Feel confident in your systems and sustain lasting impact knowing we’re motivated by helping you succeed.

Enrollment Assessment

There is no place for bias when assessing an institution — or a strategy. Just as you need to know your patterns to break them, CampusWorks offers a fresh look at your unique bottlenecks, obstacles, and roadblocks. We start by independently assessing your processes, policies, and solutions to identify not only gaps but opportunities, resulting in notable changes in efficiency — and quickly. Our unbiased senior enrollment professionals provide you with a comprehensive and holistic map for success and the detailed action plan to bring it to life.

Enrollment Recovery

When the numbers suddenly drop, having an objective third party with extensive leadership experience is a must. Recovery and sustainability go hand in hand. We’re mindful of the fact that your team may be stressed, on the verge of burnout, or in need of objective feedback, so we work fast to develop thoughtful and concise plans that get you moving in the right direction and keep you going for years to come.

To recover enrollment, we start with listening to your story, and then work through a series of data-gathering and benchmarking exercises with your team and come back with an action plan that suits your campus. As a result, our clients see excellent results, including boosts in new student enrollment and overall headcount. Afterall, a thriving campus is a happy campus.

Here’s how:

Executive Coaching. CampusWorks supports campus leaders with the data they need as they manage high-priority enrollment initiatives and drive accountability so they can do what they do best — lead and secure the future of their institutions. Today, the decisions that president and C-level officers must make to propel their institutions forward are both critical and complex. Nothing beats having the support of a team of experienced expert advisors at the ready.

Technical Training. CampusWorks trains staffers to fully leverage the features and functionality available within your enrollment-related technology solutions so they aren’t left with more questions than answers.

Thought Partnership. CampusWorks provides project sponsors and cross-functional teams with guidance and feedback on roadmap execution so they never feel alone.

Enrollment Planning and Optimization

Think beyond the plan to truly optimize the talent, financial, and technological resources that support your campus. Your CampusWorks team has the depth and breadth to allow you to partner with one firm to deliver the assessment, the plan, and the results. That’s not consulting. That’s partnership.

Enrollment Interim Staffing

Every campus is unique, and that makes our 25 years of lessons learned all the more valuable for our clients. Because we’ve been there to witness and guide the evolution of higher education for two decades, we start already up to speed, which allows us to make a big impact right away.

In fact, CampusWorks’ team of more than 300 specialists is ready to support you however and whenever the need arises. We can send in interim leadership across any area of the student lifecycle — from admissions to financial aid to registrar to student affairs and all areas in between — without missing a beat. When you have turnover, a CampusWorks expert can keep operations running smoothly while you assess what you need in the next leader. And, because our professionals typically have experience using your current SIS solution and surrounding technology, we’re also able to offer you a fresh perspective, making your investment in us an investment in you.