Planning, Purpose, and Potential

Working Toward a Happy Campus.

Strategic Planning for Higher Education

Imagine every student on your campus happily working to reach their goals while having all the tools to succeed. Imagine life with fewer obstacles and a smoother path as you work to meet the goals of your college or university. After the last two years, we’re sure your mission has never been more poignant nor your resolve so strong. Twenty-five years of working with colleges and universities across the country have proven we can meet every challenge together. The result? Mission accomplished.

higher education strategic planning

Let’s Start Talking

There’s no doubt every plan needs to be re-evaluated post pandemic — and although the industry calls this “strategic planning,” at CampusWorks, we realize one plan does not necessarily fit all. Depending on the challenges you currently face, “strategic adapting,” “strategic acquisition,” or “strategic expansion,” might be more apt. And that’s why we start by talking.

At CampusWorks, we believe meaningful conversations lead to sustainable, equitable solutions that help your college or university reach its full potential, so your students can too.

How do we do it? Here’s how CampusWorks works:

  • “Waterfall” approach allows everyone to see their contributions and how they all come together to make a bigger splash.
  • Results-driven action plans and metrics monitor your progress on your way to becoming a fully realized “Happy Campus.”
  • Governance structure smooths cross-functional implementation so there are fewer bumps in the road.

Future-proofing your school is going to take more than an idealized projection of an imagined future. It’s going to take clarity of vision when the future still seems a little blurry. It’s going to take ingenuity, innovation, and invention — from every member of the campus community. It’s probably going to result in some growing pains. And, that’s why we’re here.

At CampusWorks, we know every approach has its own challenges — and the only solution that matters is the one that works best for your campus.

Strategic Planning for Every Campus — and Every Student

The “ideal student” doesn’t exist. That’s why every student needs a path forward — and that is what makes strategic planning so challenging. CampusWorks offers the experience that empowers you to leverage your current strategic plan and teaches you how to keep it adaptable and relevant.

Does your research show undergrads succeed at in-person learning, while flexible schedules are more conducive for busy night students? Does hybrid learning create more problems than it solves? Do your staff members get why a system works, and not just how? Are they part of the process that solves problems? If a job was clearly defined and frankly more fun, wouldn’t you be happier and do it all better? We say yes.

Goals for Strategic Planning include:

  • Inclusion, Engagement & Transparency Committed. Just like you, we are committed to delivering on the promises that make the world — and your campus — a better place.
  • Open Minded. Tech-agnostic. Operationally open. Independent and thoughtful. You are our client. Not our partners, competitors, or past. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.
  • Equity Activated. All is currently not fair in love, war, or higher education. But, if you’re not working toward that last goal, you’re not keeping up, and if you can’t keep up, you can’t compete. We can help.
  • Data Informed. Numbers don’t lie and sometimes they tell a story as well as words do, if not better. More than just your bottom line, data is nothing without analysis, action, a good plot, and a happy ending.
  • Innovation & Excellence Driven. People drive innovation. We’re not talking about ourselves, we’re talking about your campus community. If there wasn’t a new problem, a new challenge, an ever-changing world, innovation would falter or be for the chosen few. That’s not reality. Innovation is for all, and excellence is how it should be delivered.