Change is Hard. Not Changing is Worse.

Share the load, and spare the worry.

enterprise staff augmentation

Enterprise Staff Augmentation for Higher Education

The Great Resignation is leading to The Great Exhaustion, The Great Big Question Mark, and The Great Redirect about how to address the demands on your staff while keeping them engaged, happy, and on your campus. The departure of staff or shifting of teams during times of transition can not only hurt your bottom line, but it can hurt morale by leaving your most loyal employees overworked and overstressed. As people seek out new opportunities, now is the time to remind them why they should stay put, empower them to reach their full potential — and get them the help they need to feel valued and stay on your team.

It doesn’t help that we’re living in a time of confidence crisis in higher education. Externally, it’s about enrollment and value. But, internally, it’s the pressure each employee faces to do more and do it better — sometimes with fewer resources and oftentimes against tighter competition. While it’s important to empower employees to be problem-solvers, that takes extensive knowledge of institutional operations and collective teamwork.

Good employees are hard to find, but they are easier to keep when they can focus on their primary responsibilities, have the right tools for the task, and have the guidance to grow. In fact, the very notion of staff augmentation shows your staff you care because help is on the way.

At CampusWorks, we offer expertise and compassion. Tools and mentorship. Vision and value. When you need an extra hand, we can help — as soon as you need it. Better yet, our “extra hands” are experienced specialists who have “been there and done that” hundreds of times — functional and technical experts ready to help you sustain your current solution while you undergo an upgrade or ensure a solid, comprehensive implementation of a new, modernized solution. No matter where you are during these times of change, we’re here for you.