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project management in higher education

Enterprise Project Management for Higher Education

A qualified team is necessary for guiding your campus through implementation. At CampusWorks, our project managers have the experience, insight, and understanding to help you transform your campus ecosystem so you can best serve your students and have a happy campus. Activating cross-functional expertise helps ensure every avenue is explored during implementation so every team member is on board and ready to work — and that you are on time, within budget, and in scope.

CampusWorks Project Management with a Profound Impact

  • CampusWorks project managers have led and managed hundreds of ERP/SIS implementations, which means they know the potholes — and the opportunities — that drive success.
  • CampusWorks project managers are also change managers, not “spreadsheet jockeys.” They rigorously manage all players in the project while empathetically working with your team to ensure maximum solution adoption.
  • Your team is likely already doing two jobs — labor shortages and process demands are stressing staff across the nation. You can’t afford to further burden them. A seasoned project manager ensures efficient use of team engagement in the implementation process.
  • As your project manager, CampusWorks is also your advocate for your software and implementation partners, ensuring you get what you paid for, and that they are well supported throughout the implementation process.
  • Lastly, CampusWorks project managers ensure what you see is what you get — and that you realize the benefits of the solution you see in the demonstration firsthand and the first time.