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Reimagining the Student and Employee Experiences at Metropolitan Community College

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Metropolitan Community College

Metropolitan Community College

  • Oldest public institution of higher learning in Kansas City, MO
  • First community college in Missouri
  • One of the first colleges in the country to award an associate degree
  • 5 campuses in Kansas City, Independence, and Lee’s Summit, Missouri and online
  • Enrollment: 17,500+ undergraduate students

CampusWorks Partnership Drives Digital Transformation


In support of this digital transformation, MCC sought an experienced implementation success partner through a comprehensive RFP process, selecting CampusWorks for its depth of expertise in higher education and proven track record of successfully collaborating with Ellucian to help institutions achieve their vision. CampusWorks role extends beyond project management to reimagining and redesigning business processes, preparing campus community members for the cloud transition, and backfilling staff roles for optimal system migration support. 

An ERP implementation is a complex undertaking and relies not just on technology but on the synergy of a partnership, where commitment, collaboration, and a shared vision make it feasible.

~Kimberly Beatty, Ed.D, Chancellor

ERP Implementation Success Services

CampusWorks is delivering a suite of ERP Implementation Success Services to support MCC’s transition to Banner. These services include: 

  1. Program Management: A dedicated CampusWorks program oversees and directs all the preparatory and implementation phases for numerous functional areas at the College. This includes close collaboration with Ellucian to ensure all milestones and deliverables are achieved and keeping the College’s leadership informed. 
  2. Project Governance Model Development: To manage a project of this magnitude, CampusWorks’ program manager has established a governance model that centralizes decision-making and resource allocation. It also promotes unified data standards and involves all management team members in the project. 
  3. Transition Management: Different from traditional change management, transition management involves a continuous, empathetic strategy using the Prosci ADKAR model. It recognizes the emotional aspects of system changes. For MCC, this involves stakeholder analysis, community engagement activities, and readiness assessments to facilitate smooth transitions and realize the benefits of the Banner system. 
  4. Process Reimagine & Redesign (PRR): Before implementing the new system, the CampusWorks team worked closely with MCC stakeholders to optimize future state process maps to guide system configuration. This effort not only prepares the College for the new Banner solution but also establishes a foundation for effective data governance. 
  5. Data Governance and Data Readiness Assessment: CampusWorks evaluated MCC’s existing data to identify gaps and mapping challenges, which will be addressed before migration. This step is crucial to reduce migration errors, avoid extra costs, and support data governance during migration. 
  6. Data/Report Inventory Services: CampusWorks will assist MCC in leveraging Banner’s reporting functions and creating new, shared reports. This includes developing a report inventory, a data warehouse, and a cross-functional data stewardship committee for consistent data management. 
  7. Interim Staffing: Recognizing the dynamic nature of an ERP transition, CampusWorks employs a proactive and flexible staffing approach, assessing and deploying skilled functional and technical experts as needed. This ensures strong support for all departments during migration.  
  8. Validating and Testing Business Process Services: CampusWorks’ team works with MCC’s project manager to coordinate testing and validation of critical processes, involving both implementation teams and vendors. 
  9. Administrative Support Model Development: CampusWorks is assisting MCC in creating a best-practice technology support model for the new Banner system. This model includes functional support, problem-solving methodologies, tracking systems, and a knowledge base for solutions. 

MCC’s partnership with CampusWorks gives the College access to a deep pool of technical and functional professionals, ensuring that quick and informed problem resolution is just a phone call away. This knowledge base is essential to the successful completion of an ERP implementation of this magnitude. 

This is a strategic and transformative journey. Our partnership with CampusWorks leverages their expertise as a compass towards a shared destination.

~John Chawana, Ph.D., Vice
Chancellor, Institutional Intelligence,
Planning & Transformation

MCC’s transition to a more sophisticated ERP system is a reflection of the College’s forward-thinking leadership. With a projected go-live date in 2025, MCC and CampusWorks are well on their way to actualizing the College’s reimagined vision of a technologically advanced educational environment and a destination workplace. 


Metropolitan Community College (MCC), a cornerstone of higher education in Kansas City, Missouri since 1915, stands as the region’s oldest educational institution and the first community college in the state. Embarking on a transformative journey outlined in its strategic plan “MCC Reimagined, 2031,” MCC aims to evolve with a focus on growth and innovation. Its key strategic goals center on expanding high-impact practices to become a student-ready college and destination workplace supported by a 21st-century technology infrastructure. To achieve this vision, MCC’s leadership decided to transition from Oracle PeopleSoft to the Ellucian Banner SaaS cloud-hosted solution, integrating crucial components like Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Student Information System.

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