Putting Tech to the Test

If your tech services need a reboot, CampusWorks can help.

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Technology Interim Staffing and Staff Augmentation

The Great Resignation isn’t so great for organizations trying to hire and retain the best and brightest. We propose The Great Interim Staffing. With CampusWorks on your side, every hiring challenge is a business opportunity. Top leaders? Expert staff? HR for your HR? We have you covered. Our interim staffing solutions bring you seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience at multiple institutions — and that means getting perspectives that prove profitable in every way.

Our staff augmentation services provide the extra hands you need to supplement your current team. Perhaps you have a special project that needs to move quickly or a new initiative for which you don’t have resident expertise. Or maybe your team needs a jumpstart from higher ed pros who’ve walked in the shoes of your staff. If so, you’re speaking our language! CampusWorks’ interim staffing and staff augmentation services cover the full administrative gambit — student experiences and lifecycle, human capital management, payroll, finance, and IT. We deliver these crucial services ensuring full knowledge transfer so your campus team is happily empowered to carry on when it’s time for us to go. We’re here for the short-term or the long haul, so you can be there for your students. Let’s talk!

Technology Management: Tech is a Team Sport

Overall technology management can require a team or teams to keep operations going to improve service delivery. At CampusWorks, our playbook includes delivering the plans, plays, and powerful tools that help you promote the team you already have on deck. Some of the ways we do this include:

Executive Coaching. CampusWorks supports campus leaders by providing the data they need to manage high-priority enrollment initiatives. This drives accountability so leaders can focus on what they do best — leading and securing the future of their institutions. Today, the decisions that president and C-level officers must make to propel their institutions forward are both critical and complex, and nothing beats having the support of a team of experienced expert advisors at the ready.

Technical Training. CampusWorks trains staff to fully leverage the features and functionality available within your enrollment-related technology solutions — so they aren’t left with more questions than answers.

Thought Partnership. CampusWorks provides project sponsors and cross-functional teams with guidance and feedback on roadmap execution so they never feel alone.