ERP Implementation

ERP implementation support for higher education.

The decision to implement a new ERP system is important and exciting, but a project of this size and complexity can also be daunting. CampusWorks helps colleges and universities implement ERP systems and related technology solutions by providing a proven leader who has decades of experience managing ERP implementations as well as a team of technical and functional experts to address the finance, human resources, financial aid, enrollment, registration, and related student services components.

Our team will lead your institution through the ERP implementation and transition period, working alongside your project lead and in collaboration with the ERP vendor to provide oversight to the implementation process. We will create an implementation roadmap with realistic deadlines and manage the successful implementation of the selected administrative system within the timeframe outlined. With a project of this nature, CampusWorks’ approach focuses on building trust among team members, sharing knowledge, providing support, and doing everything possible to make the home team capable of standing alone when the project is complete. Our goal is for everyone involved to realize a sense of ownership for delivering results as an interdependent, highly-functioning team in which each person is recognized as an indispensable, valued, and trusted resource.

Learn how CampusWorks helped Gulf Coast State College replace its legacy ERP system.
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