ERP Fit-Gap Analysis

Fit-gap analysis for higher education.

When your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is aligned with your institution's goals, powerful results are possible. However, in time, even the most successful ERP implementation can diverge from its initial goals. CampusWorks’ Fit-Gap Analysis helps colleges and universities identify where their administrative systems are underutilized and determine their ability to meet the institution’s current and future needs.

CampusWorks’ team of experts will conduct a thorough, open, and transparent review of your current ERP system's functionality as well as that of related third-party applications to inform your institution's ERP solution strategy development. Our technical and functional experts will work closely with your IT team and functional areas to review current applications, determine future needs, and identify system/process changes and opportunities for cost-effective system improvements. When our assessment is complete, we will provide you with a complete analysis that addresses all pertinent aspects of your current ERP system so you can make an informed decision about its future.

By participating in CampusWorks' Fit-Gap Analysis, your institution will be on a path to:

  • Align your ERP system with your institution's strategic objectives.
  • Capitalize on your ERP system's features and functionality to automate manual processes and reduce administrative burden.
  • Optimize business processes to enhance the faculty, staff, and student experience.
  • Improve service delivery and reduce costs.

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