Ellucian Colleague SQL Migration

Ellucian Colleague SQL migration support for colleges and universities.

Since 1999, CampusWorks has been leading and managing higher education Colleague® environments across the nation. Our team has the technical skills and robust experience necessary to maintain, support, and advance your institution's enterprise application environment and prepare it for the SQL migration.

A successful SQL migration begins with a readiness assessment to help your institution understand the existing environment, take preparatory steps, estimate the level of effort, and develop plans for the actual migration. Throughout the process, it will be critical to identify and document all customizations and determine what’s needed in the new environment.

CampusWorks has developed a propriety data repository tool, which will inform the SQL migration readiness initiative. This predictive tool provides the framework for analytics to assist in managing and planning a SQL migration and will help you avoid common challenges, including:

  • Lack of a comprehensive test plan identifying functions, processes, mnemonics, and expected input and output.
  • Missing resources and inadequate training to support the migration.
  • Lack of understanding of third-party components and how they interact with Colleague.
  • Not identifying obsolete products and leveraging functionality built into Colleague.
  • Not having a full understanding of versioning of mnemonics to ensure obsolete mnemonics are removed.

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