Ellucian Banner 9 Upgrade & Support

Ellucian Banner 9 upgrade support for colleges and universities.

A successful Banner 9 upgrade begins with preparation. CampusWorks will conduct an IT Assessment to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current Banner environment and the technology infrastructure supporting it to help you determine the best path forward by illuminating variables that will impact the project’s cost and timeline. Conducting an IT Assessment at the outset will give you a holistic view of the current state of information technology at your institution, arming your team with actionable information that will be useful throughout this process and beyond.

Based on the findings from your IT Assessment, we will develop an approach that is tailored to your institution’s unique needs and strategic goals in order to help you get the most value out of your Banner ERP environment. The resulting project plan will include the following considerations:

  • Infrastructure updates – Identify the hardware and software that needs to be updated or replaced in order to strengthen your infrastructure. 
  • Bandwidth – Consider bandwidth needs to support current and future demand for accessibility.
  • Business process redesign – Establish which processes need to be redesigned in order to support the institution’s desired future state and get the most value out of your administrative system.
  • Data migration – Develop a database upgrade plan to ensure that no data is lost during the migration and that the cutover to production is as seamless as possible.
  • Third-party integrations – Identify the third-party applications that will need to be integrated.
  • Staff training – Create a training plan to ensure that all stakeholders are comfortable with the system’s new user interface and functionality.
  • Testing – Develop a testing plan that includes a sandbox environment to familiarize stakeholders with the new environment as well as verification and validation testing before the new system goes live.
  • Cutover – Create a parallel run, testing phase, and cutover plan to ensure a smooth transition.

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