Instructional Design & Technology

Instructional design and technology
for higher education.

CampusWorks' approach to course and curriculum development pairs our expert instructional designers with faculty subject matter experts using a student-centric instructional design process tailored to your institution’s needs.

Instructional Design

CampusWorks’ instructional design model focuses on three primary areas and the relationships between them:

  1. Goals and objectives: Course developers review students’ entry-level skills and institutional curricular goals, assist in establishing measurable instructional objectives, and analyze the objectives for level, relationships, and prerequisites.
  2. Assessment of learning: Assessment strategies provide evidence and validation that the student learning outcomes have been achieved. Course developers articulate formative and summative evaluation measures to align with course goals and objectives.
  3. Instructional activities: With an understanding of clear objectives and credible evidence of student achievement, the course developers identify instructional strategies, media, technology, and activities to guide learners from their entry-level states to the fulfillment of the course goals and objectives.

CampusWorks’ instructional design experts are trained in learning and instructional theory and practice, and they are experts in the course development process and project management. They are all intimately familiar and aligned with the Quality Matters Rubrics, and most are trained QM Peer Reviewers, Certified Master Reviewers, or Quality Matters Facilitators.

Instructional Technology

The roles and skillsets of an instructional technologist are quite different from those of an instructional designer. While an instructional designer is a pedagogical and process expert, an instructional technologist is skilled in the technologies supporting course development and delivery—such as videography, graphic design, multimedia applications, programming, LMS administration, learning analytics, and more. CampusWorks can provide a coordinated mix of instructional design and instructional technology expertise to help you develop and deliver effective, engaging learning experiences.

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