CampusWorks transforms higher education.

When a business process impedes efficiency or a technology investment causes more problems than it solves, finding a solution can seem impossible. That's when colleges and universities turn to CampusWorks. We help higher education institutions tackle impossible challenges every day. Whether your institution is struggling with accreditation issues, technology problems, inefficient processes, staffing challenges, or lack of strategic planning, we’ll work together to fix what's broken.

Armed with decades of higher education leadership experience and expertise, CampusWorks brings valuable insight, creative thinking, objective recommendations, and a student-centered approach to every project. Our services reach across the institution—from Student Services to Human Resources to Finance to Academics—to help you improve important functions like admissions, registration, financial aid, academic advising, instructional design, student finance, payroll, hiring, budgeting, accounting, and more. We'll work with your department leaders and staff to understand your unique challenges and design a solution tailored to your needs.

Whether your institution is a community college, technical college, four-year public or private institution, multi-college district, or statewide higher education system, we understand the business of higher education and know what it takes to make a sustainable difference.

CampusWorks' capabilities include:

At CampusWorks, we don't believe in impossible challenges, only transformative results.

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