Calming Cows

Quarantine Tale

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Calming Cows

By Andrew Lawlor
Chief Information Officer


During the COVID-19 quarantine, I worked remotely with a client on a large-scale systems migration. The project manager was having a challenging time getting everyone to complete the tasks on the check list in order to make the go/no go decision to execute the migration.

Anxiety was rising.

To lighten the mood and break the tension, I decided to customize my Zoom background with a video of a pastoral scene that I selected to compliment the project manager’s home environment, hoping it would put her at ease. It was a view of Angus cows spending a lazy summer’s evening in a field of tall verdant grass, happily munching away.

At our next meeting, I joined with the scene behind me. One of the participants, knowing I live in a rural setting, asked me if the video was a live stream from my home. I responded, no, and the project manager piped up to exclaim, “Hey, that looks like my place!”

Nothing more was said, but I believe I achieved my objective as the meeting proceeded with a sense of calm and cooperation amongst all participants.


Andrew Lawlor eases tensions with his “calming cows” Zoom background.

Thanks to Andrew and all our road warriors who go stay the distance to serve our clients! 

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