Car Napping

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Car Napping

By Walt Kerce
Senior IT Executive


Walt KerceI don’t typically drive to the airport, but on this particular day I did. After I parked my car and made my way to the terminal, I suddenly couldn’t recall whether I had locked my doors. I often double check out of habit but on this day I didn’t. Since I didn’t have enough time to return to the parking lot, I told myself that on the off chance I had left my car unlocked, the likelihood of it being burglarized was very low. Feeling reassured, I continued on my way and put it out of my mind.

When I returned to my car a week later, the driver’s side door was wide open! I hurried over and found a drunk man passed out inside. I knew he was drunk because I smelled him before I saw him; alcohol was pouring out of his sweat.

“Hey man!” I yelled. “What are you doing in my car?!”

He woke up, barely coherent.

“Get out of my car!” I insisted.

As he staggered out I asked the obvious question: “Did you take anything?”

He pulled his pockets inside out and muttered something in Spanish.

I searched my car but saw nothing misplaced.

I later realized he had left his bag in my back seat—iPad, phone, and all. Though I was angry, I drove back to the airport and returned his bag to the airport police. I assumed he too was a traveler who’d just had a little too much to drink and probably mistook my car for his own.

I was feeling really good about my kind deed until the airport police scolded me for not reporting the incident when it happened!

Thanks to Walt and all our road warriors who go the distance to serve our clients! 

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