Pavlovs Daughter

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Pavlov’s Daughter

By Alex Larzabal
Senior Technologist

Given the ongoing uncertainty around the pandemic, we have not sent our three-year-old daughter Sabine back to daycare yet. She has been at home for months now, and of all the places she could hang out, she prefers my office.

In the beginning, we both struggled. I had to figure out how to concentrate with her here, and she had to figure out when she could absolutely not interrupt Daddy. She’s a quick learner, and I soon began noticing that she would leave my office (and even close the door behind her) when my phone would ring (or at the sound of my PC joining a Teams or Zoom meeting). She also figured out that she can come right back in if the call is in Spanish (which means it’s not work related).

Apparently, this conditioning works in reverse too. When I hear Frozen end, I automatically ask her what she wants to watch next. (Trolls). And when I hear her slurp down the last of her water, I immediately head to the kitchen to fill her water bottle. But if I miss one of my cues, watch out! It’s like being at a traffic light that’s just turned green and the person behind you honks before you even have time to react.

Alex and Sabine’s “new normal.”

Thanks to Alex and all our road warriors who go stay the distance to serve our clients! 

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