Simplifying the FAFSA Simplification

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Simplifying the FAFSA Simplification

“FAFSA simplification” has become shorthand for significant updates planned to the federal student aid policy. And while the Act endeavors to make applying for federal financial aid easier for students and families, the soon-to-be-released simplified FAFSA is, well – complicated.

With over 30 years as a senior financial aid administration, Shannon Sheaff will host two virtual Q&A sessions as she attempts to “simplify” the pending FAFSA Simplification. How do we best serve students and families during the change and possible delays? Are my staff trained to answer questions and reassure students? What changes do I need to my current processes and technology in preparation for this long-needed release. Shannon debunks the myths and answers your questions surrounding the most consequential overhaul of the federal aid application and federal need-analysis system since 1992.

Session 1

This event took place on
Wednesday, May 24th


Session 2

Wednesday, June 14th
5:00 pm ET