Building Your Table:

Driving Public Health Change in Uncertain Economic Times by Dale Nesbary - CEO Connections

CEO Connections
March 16, 2022

Building Your Table: Driving Public Health Change in Uncertain Economic Times

By Dr. Dale Nesbary
President, Muskegon Community College
Conversation Lead, CEO Connections by CampusWorks

Mar 15, 2022 | 5:30 PM ET

Note: participation is limited to allow for meaningful discussion.

The COVID1-19 pandemic has created added tremendous pressure on community colleges.  The response has been varied, ranging from shifting to a predominately remote learning environment to offering vaccination and testing clinics.  The most effective respondents are those who work seamless with health departments, health systems, and governmental resources.  This session shares how colleges may prepare for the next pandemic by:
•    Developing strong relationships with local and regional health systems
•    Integrating services with regional public health departments
•    Preparing infrastructure for immediate use in cases of health crises

Muskegon Community College offers a standard array of allied health academic programming.  What sets us apart is that MCC:

•    Has intentionally secured leadership positions regional and state health systems.
•    Solicited and received the support of regional health partners in the development of our integrated strategic plan
•    Constructed at 52,000 sf Health and Wellness Center built from the ground up as an emergency hospital for use by regional health care partners.  It has been put to use as a vaccination and testing center during the COVID 19 pandemic

Questions for the Group Discussion:
1.    What changes have you made on campus to prepare for the next health crisis?
a.    And which changes were the most unexpected?
2.    Are there barriers; real or perceived to preparing your campus?
3.    Let’s discuss the new or surprising partnerships required to ‘Build Your Table’