Functional Area Assessment

Functional area assessments
for higher education.

When one department isn't operating efficiently it can affect the entire institution. That's why we work with all departments—from Student Services to Human Resources to Finance and Academics—to help you optimize important functions like admissions, registration, financial aid, academic advising, instructional design, student finance, payroll, hiring, budgeting, accounting, and more. CampusWorks’ team of functional and technical experts will work with your leadership and staff to evaluate each department's operational efficiency, ability to interact with other functional areas, and quality of student services. By carefully examining your institution’s businesses processes and technology usage, we can uncover deficiencies and identify improvements.

When the Functional Area Assessment is complete, you will receive an assessment report and roadmap to help you strengthen the department. If your institution is dealing with a specific symptom—like long lines outside the Financial Aid Office, a network that crashes during registration or a cumbersome hiring process that frequently costs you new talent—we can send in specialists to diagnose the problem and develop a targeted solution. When our work is complete, your functional areas will be optimized to achieve an integrated approach to student services.

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