7 Probing Questions to Uncover Process Problems

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7 Probing Questions to Uncover Process Problems

Before enterprise system transformation is possible, you must have a clear understanding of your institution’s current processes across the student and administrative journeys as well as your organization’s technology maturity and business intelligence capacity.

To get started, conduct a comprehensive assessment by assembling students, faculty, cross-functional staff, and administrators to share candid feedback about their experiences. Use these seven questions to begin the conversation:

  1. Related to the institution’s enterprise systems, what is working well today?
  2. Related to the institution’s current enterprise systems, what is not working well? What efforts to correct the issue(s) have been attempted?
  3. What types of third-party or shadow systems are you currently using to perform your job?
  4. What types of manual processes are currently in place?
  5. Are there any types of restrictions that you feel hamper your effectiveness?
  6. How efficient are your business practices?
  7. Based on campus location or program, are there commonalities or distinct differences between business processes and the experience received by the students and employees?

As they share their observations, listen for broken processes — that is, processes that are focused on a department or on the transactions that need to be performed rather than the people they serve. Broken processes are easy to identify because they create inefficiencies that result in a frustrating experience for the end user.


Need help reimagining and redesigning inefficient processes?

Student experiences are at the heart of every campus, and a happy campus requires input from students, faculty, staff, and administrators. A lot of people talk about “giving voice” to different stakeholders, but CampusWorks makes sure those voices are captured, heard, understood, and reflected in vision and strategy. That’s how we get to root issues and develop holistic plans for reaching full potential.