ERP Support

ERP support for higher education.

When your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is aligned with your institution's goals, powerful results are possible. However, in time, even the most successful ERP implementation can diverge from its initial goals. CampusWorks helps colleges and universities optimize the way they use their ERP systems to improve operations, reduce costs, and deliver a world-class student experience.

CampusWorks will conduct a comprehensive ERP assessment to identify areas where your ERP system is underutilized and determine its ability to meet your institution's current and future needs. When the project is complete, you will be armed with the information you need to make decisions about upgrades, process changes, training, and new investments that will realign your ERP system with your institution's goals.

CampusWorks’ administrative system specialists have decades of experience with all of the major ERP systems commercially available today—as well as homegrown systems—and we understand the implications of the changes occurring in the marketplace. As an independent service provider, we do not create, promote, or sell any products. We are not an implementation partner of any ERP vendor nor are we are affiliated with any software or hardware enterprises. This independence ensures that our services and recommendations will be provided without bias. Such independent “best choice” decisions often result in significant cost savings for the institution.

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