ERP Assessment

ERP assessments for higher education.

Does your administrative system seem out of line with your institution's needs? It’s not uncommon; even highly successful ERP implementations can fall out of alignment with the institutions goals and processes within a few years.

CampusWorks' ERP Assessment will evaluate how your organization is using its administrative system and develop a plan to help you realign your technology, processes, and policies with your institution’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.

CampusWorks' ERP assessment team will evaluate the following areas:

  • Current state of your institution’s administrative system and third-party applications
  • Deficiencies created by current processes and technology
  • Efficiencies that can be gained through technology
  • Opportunities to leverage your existing investments
  • Functionality required for current and future institutional business needs
  • Ability of the current administrative system to support those business needs

The CampusWorks team has decades of experience with all of the ERP platforms commercially available today. Participating in CampusWorks’ ERP Assessment will help you understand how your institution’s current business practices compare to industry best practices, provide you with comprehensive recommendations for upgrades and modifications to the system and your business processes, and supply you with a detailed assessment report and roadmap to help you implement the recommendations.

Learn how CampusWorks helped Bunker Hill Community College optimize their ERP system to better support the student lifecycle.
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