Ransomware Remediation

Ransomware remediation for higher education.

Campus IT networks have become the number one target for ransomware attacks, which are designed to hold an institution’s data hostage until a monetary ransom is paid. A single data breach attack can have a staggering financial and operational impact on a higher education institution. CampusWorks’ IT security experts help colleges and universities prevent such threats through a comprehensive IT security assessment, risk identification and remediation, and planning.

If your institution has experienced a ransomware attack, CampusWorks can step in quickly and lead the incident response effort, including:

  • Conducting a comprehensive IT security assessment to determine the extent of the ransomware infection.
  • Developing a Security Remediation Plan to address affected technology and services and minimize loss.
  • Containing the problem, eliminating the issue, recovering data, and restoring systems.

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