IT Security Assessment

IT security assessments for higher education.

CampusWorks' IT Security Assessment helps colleges and universities identify and evaluate cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities through a 7-point evaluation of the following areas:

  1. Internet-based threats assessment and penetration testing
  2. Network infrastructure assessment
  3. Critical network and computing assets assessment
  4. User computing environment assessment
  5. Physical and environmental security assessment
  6. Wireless network security assessment
  7. Policies, procedures, and documentation assessment

The assessment includes a two-day site visit by CampusWorks’ chief information security officer (CISO) along with a pre-visit environmental assessment (penetration testing) and post-visit Information security action plan/roadmap. During the “First Look” presentation to your institution’s management team at the close of the onsite visit, the CampusWorks CISO will share the preliminary security findings, provide a framework for addressing critical findings, and invite additional input from the leadership team.

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