Staff Assessment

Staff assessments for higher education.

Your IT staff plays a key role in helping your institution achieve its goals. That’s why it’s important to ensure that information technology is set up to succeed. At CampusWorks, we understand higher education technology, and we can help you improve your department’s organizational structure and redistribute the workload to increase your service offerings without adding staff.

Our Staff Assessment begins with a comprehensive review your IT department’s organizational structure. We'll evaluate your staffing allocation and workload to determine if your current model is set up to meet your goals and objectives, and we look for opportunities to optimize it. We’ll identify areas where you need additional support and recommend training to meet those needs. We’ll also help you recognize areas where technology can be used to automate manual processes and reduce workload so your staff can shift their focus to higher priority tasks. When the project is complete, you will have an Assessment Report with recommendations that will serve as a blueprint for optimizing your technology department.

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