Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud readiness assessments
for higher education.

Many colleges and universities are moving their administrative systems to the cloud, but very few are actually ready to make the change. When it comes to cloud services, choosing the “right” solution often distracts from the most critical consideration: preparation.

When a higher education institution undergoes a cloud migration, everything changes—from business processes and job roles to budgeting and procurement. CampusWorks' Cloud Readiness Assessment can help you determine if your institution is ready to make the change.

Participating in CampusWorks' Cloud Readiness Assessment will help you:

  • Assess whether your people, process, technology, and business are ready for cloud services.
  • Determine actions that must be completed before a cloud migration can take place. 
  • Strengthen your institution's network infrastructure to support the new demands that cloud computing will place upon it.
  • Predict how your institution's data will migrate to the cloud, and identify any cleaning and preparation efforts that will be needed to ensure a seamless migration.

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