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Preparing for Life After HEERF: Tools to Ensure Mission Sustainability by Mordecai Brownlee - CEO Connections

Preparing for Life After HEERF: Tools to Ensure Mission Sustainability

By Mordecai Brownlee
President, Community College of Aurora
Conversation Lead, CEO Connections by CampusWorks

Feb 17, 2022 | 5:30 PM ET

Note: participation is limited to allow for meaningful discussion.

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In total, since March 2020, higher education has received $74.8 billion dollars to remain operational and serve students, while also providing emergency aid to students impacted by COVID-19. Based on recent guidelines from the Department of Education, institutions of higher education generally must expend their HEERF grants within one year of the date when the department processed funds for each specific grant. Meaning, HEERF funds will cease to be accessible in the year 2022 for many institutions. This session will create a space for dialogue and idea sharing regarding how CEOs will ensure the sustainability of their institutions and advancement of institutional missions beyond the infusion of HEERF supplemental funding.

In advance of our conversations on 2/17 please read the article listed below as Advanced Reading

As a group, we will discuss whether higher education has truly innovated, or simply found an “innovative” means of maintaining business as usual.

  • Advanced Reading:Government Funds Shielded Colleges From Extinction. In 2022, the Stakes Will Change.” Written by Mordecai Ian Brownlee.
  • Article Link

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