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Guiding Principles Exemplar Award Nominees – June 2020


This month, CampusWorks is proud to recognize three awesome team members who were nominated for the Guiding Principles Exemplar Award, a peer recognition program. These individuals demonstrate the highest standards of service and collaboration with their clients and colleagues. Please join us in celebrating their outstanding accomplishments…


Brent Fleming | Senior Technologist

Principles recognized:

» Our people and results distinguish us.

Why he was nominated:

“Brent will always put in the work required to accomplish the objectives of an engagement, including making sure he hits milestones on time and in a quality manner.​ Not only does he work hard, but he works smart!​ He was involved in software upgrade that the vendor had estimated at 46 hours. ​His goal was to do it in less than 20 … he and the team did it!”


Rosendo Garcia | Senior IT Executive

Principles recognized:

» Our people and results distinguish us.
» If it is good for the client, it is good for CampusWorks.

Why he was nominated:

“Rosendo is an example of the excellence that CampusWorks’ clients expect and deserve. He makes us all look good in the eyes of the client because of his outstanding work with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and his responsiveness to the College.”

Voice of the Client:

“Rosendo is like the U.S. Postal Service; he shows up rain or shine.”

“We can always count on him to be there to solve issues, including issues that he has never heard of before!”

“We really appreciate the work that you do for us. I would be lost without your support”


Castine Williams | Senior Optimization Executive

Principles recognized:

» Our people and results distinguish us.

Why she was nominated:

“Castine is laser focused on customer success: ensuring the integrity of academic records and student information, serving students and keeping them on track, and supporting students and faculty through streamlined, online services. ​Her exemplary leadership as the client has responded to COVID-19 and prepared for Fall 2020 includes:​ 1) leading an effort to move several processes online – promoting business continuity and enhancing user convenience, 2) preparing and delivering AACRAO-aligned best practices to senior leadership for how to handle grading, academic standing, and transcripts considering the pandemic, and 3) preparing the Academic Records Team for online learning this fall.​ Castine continues to deliver significant value in these areas and more as Interim Registrar.”


CampusWorks’ Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles enable us to deliver outstanding service, satisfying careers, and financial success.

  • Integrity and ethics are the basis for advancing our business.
  • If it is good for the client, it is good for CampusWorks.
  • Our people and results distinguish us.
  • We stop, think, and then go.
  • We do what we say.
  • We respect diversity, experience, innovation, and courage.
  • We are compassionate.
  • We are a team. You are never alone.
  • We work with, not around.