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The goal of the 2020 FAFSA Simplification Act is to streamline how students and families apply for financial aid, and how eligibility is determined. The newly revised law represents substantive changes in the fundamental formula used to determine financial aid eligibility, the students’ Pell Grant, and the additional institutional aid that higher education institutions can provide. And while the new Act endeavors to make applying for federal financial aid easier for students and families, the soon-to-be-released simplified FASFA is almost like starting from scratch, significantly impacting your technology, admissions, financial aid, and enrollment offices.

Is your institution ready? If you haven’t begun your preparations, messaging, and process revisions surrounding the upcoming changes – you are already behind.

If you have questions or need assistance determining your institution’s readiness, let’s talk.

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FAFSA Simplification

Let’s get your institution on track for the new release and keep you there! While your team should be moving through recommended tasks each month in preparation, make sure to anticipate possible delays from your ERP provider, and don’t underestimate the magnitude of the internal process modifications. Now is the time to ensure you have adequate staffing to complete the required revisions. Download the Preparation timeline to ensure you are on target.

Are you ready?

FAFSA Simplification Checklist

Download the Readiness Checklist to assess your institution’s FAFSA preparation.

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FAFSA Simplification Virtual Q&A

Executive financial aid administrator, Shannon Sheaff, recently hosted a virtual Q&A session to “simplify” the pending FASFA Simplification. If you weren’t able to attend or want to revisit the material, access the recording here.

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