Inspired philosophy, inspiring results.

At CampusWorks, our vision, mission, and guiding principles inspire everything we do. They are the foundation of who we are as a company and how we serve our clients. And they're what set us apart.


We transform higher education so students, faculty, and staff thrive.


We collaborate with colleges and universities to develop and implement insightful strategies that improve institutional effectiveness and enhance the student experience.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles enable us to deliver outstanding service, satisfying careers, and financial success.

  • Integrity and ethics are the basis for advancing our business.
  • If it is good for the client, it is good for CampusWorks.
  • Our people and results distinguish us.
  • We stop, think, and then go.
  • We do what we say.
  • We respect diversity, experience, innovation, and courage.
  • We are compassionate.
  • We are a team. You are never alone.
  • We work with, not around.

Success Factors

Awesome People: We select the highest caliber individuals committed to our purpose, and we strengthen our ability to achieve our vision with their dedicated engagement.

Awesome Purpose: Our dedication to improving society through education focuses our balanced growth, adaptability, actions and courage to position us for sustainability.

Awesome Methods: We tailor our solutions and work in the trenches with our clients to catch up and get ahead. We teach them how to replicate that success.

Awesome Outcomes: We deliver exceptional, measurable results by planning, anticipating, thinking, collaborating, coaching, and coloring outside the lines.