Institutional Research

Institutional research business process optimization for higher education.

CampusWorks helps colleges and universities optimize institutional research operations through a comprehensive Process Reimagine & Redesign (PRR). CampusWorks’ team of technical and functional experts will evaluate your institutional research processes and provide specific recommendations on how your institution’s current processes can be improved and streamlined to enhance the overall experience for staff, faculty, and students. The goal of this work is to align practices and institutional data needs to effectively address both your institution’s operational and strategic information needs. The PRR will identify processes where service delivery can be improved, data quality can be enhanced, efficiencies can be gained, and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and associated reporting tools can be used more effectively.

As a result of participating in CampusWorks’ Institutional Research PRR, your institution will be on a path to:

  • Reduce administrative burdens and strengthen the effectiveness of institutional research operations, internal and external reporting, and analysis.
  • Standardize data use and remediate data integrity challenges so that data-driven decisions can be made.

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