ICT Accessibility

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility for higher education.

Higher education institutions are struggling to provide legally-mandated digital access and resources to disabled students, according to The Campus Computing Project's "28th National Survey of Computing, eLearning, and Information Technology in US Higher Education." While this is largely due to a lack of expertise, it exposes institutions to great legal risk.

CampusWorks provides colleges and universities with the expertise to create an information and communication technology (ICT) access program to ensure students, faculty, and staff with disabilities are able to access technology resources in an equally effective and integrated manner. We do this by creating an inventory of your ICT resources, identifying accessibility issues, and developing an ICT remediation plan, which we fine tune with feedback from the larger community. Once complete, we’ll work with your institution's public information officer to create a communications strategy to support the new ICT accessibility program and train your staff how to maintain it.

The CampusWorks team can also develop self-instructional online training courses for:

  • Creating accessible course materials
  • Creating accessible documents
  • Creating accessible web pages

When our work is done, you’ll have the peace of mind that your institution is not only meeting its legal obligations but serving the learning needs of all students.

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