When higher education is accessible, everyone benefits.

Helping to Make a Difference.

We believe that every student who wants to attend college should have the chance. That's why we support our clients' efforts to make this possible.

Here are some of the ways we're helping to make a difference…

«New» CampusWorks Sponsors The Campus Computing Project 

CampusWorks is proud to sponsor The Campus Computing Project once again. The Campus Computing Project is the largest continuing study of the role of information technology in American higher education.

CampusWorks Supports Buena Vista University

CampusWorks is proud to support Buena Vista University once again. Every year, our charitable donations help the University provide transformation educational experiences for their students as they prepare to become tomorrow's leaders.


CampusWorks Supports Bunker Hill Community College

CampusWorks is pleased to support Chesapeake College's "Pride of the Peake" scholarship fundraiser, which is dedicated to ensuring that all students, regardless of their socio-economic status, have access to a valuable post-secondary education at Chesapeake College.

CampusWorks Supports Bunker Hill Community College


CampusWorks is proud to sponsor Bunker Hill Community College Foundation's 2017 gala, "Monuments of Students Success" on April 20, 2017 in Charlestown, MA. Every dollar donated will go directly to providing scholarships to cover financial need not met by federal or state funds.

CampusWorks supports San José City/Evergreen Valley College

CampusWorks is pleased to support the San José City/Evergreen Valley College Job Training, Technology, and Classroom Repair Measure.

CampusWorks Supports Chesapeake College

CampusWorks is proud to support Chesapeake College’s Annual Golf Tournament on October 3 at Prospect Bay Country Club in Grasonville, MD. This annual event provides support for the Athletics Department, which includes scholarships for student athletes, equipment, uniforms, and more.

CampusWorks Supports FL BUG

CampusWorks is pleased to be a vendor sponsor for Florida Banner User Group’s (FLBUG) Annual Conference, which will be held at Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida on Friday, October 14, 2016. 

CampusWorks Supports Coconino Community College Foundation

CampusWorks is honored to support Coconino Community College Foundation. Our donation will support the College’s events, scholarships and programs.

CampusWorks Sponsors CQIN's Summer Institute

CampusWorks is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Continuous Quality Improvement Network's (CQIN) Summer Institute in Denver, CO on July 31-Aug 3. This year's theme, “Producing Future Success—Demonstrating Value Through Results", will teach attendees about becoming a results-driven organization, the value and use of comparative data, aligning and integrating performance results, using results to predict the future, and creating a brand based on results-driven value. This year's learning partners will be the United States Golf Association, Civitas Learning, Intermark Group, National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute, and Elevations Credit Union (Baldrige Recipient).

CampusWorks Support Central Arizona College's Scholarship Program

CampusWorks is proud to support Central Arizona College’s Promise for the Future Scholarship Program, which plays a vital role for youth in Pinal County—opening a door for families to think about college at an earlier age, become an incentive for completing high school and for all, a realization that college is an attainable goal.

CampusWorks Sponsors San Juan College’s Technology Leadership Conference 2016

CampusWorks is honored to sponsor San Juan College’s Technology Leadership Conference 2016, which will provide attendees with information about the latest in technology and hands-on training.


CampusWorks Sponsors Roxbury Community College Foundation

CampusWorks is proud to sponsor Roxbury Community College Foundation’s event, "Renew, Refresh, and Renaissance", on June 3 at 6pm, which will raise funds to restore the Media Arts Center, including much-needed structural changes in lighting, sound, seating, and carpeting.

CampusWorks Sponsors Buena Vista University's Scholarship Fund

CampusWorks is pleased to support Buena Vista University’s fundraising efforts to offer scholarships, grants, and awards to students.

CampusWorks Supports Middlesex Community College

CampusWorks is proud to sponsor Middlesex Community College's Celebrity Forum 2016, "An Evening with Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb." Proceeds from the event will support scholarships for MCC students.


CampusWorks proudly supports the following:

  • Hillsborough Community College's Presidential Showcase
  • Center for Higher Education CIOs (CHECS)
  • Bunker Hill Community College Foundation's Student Success Fund
  • North Iowa Area Community College Foundation's NIACC Pledge
  • St. Louis Community College Foundation's Bowling for Scholars
  • John A. Logan Community College Foundation

CampusWorks Helped Save Wilberforce University's Accreditation

We are proud of our pro bono work, which helped Wilberforce University address their accreditation findings. Wilberforce, the nation’s oldest private, historically black university, lacked the technology experience and resources necessary to stabilize the infrastructure and quickly develop a multi-year technology plan. CampusWorks provided Wilberforce with a Chief Information Officer who helped navigate their compliance issues and jump-start the resolution. Today they are celebrating increasing enrollment and a bright future.