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At CampusWorks, we understand the complexities of higher education, and we work with you to make sure your business practices are optimized for maximum efficiency, your technology resources are fully utilized and aligned with your strategic vision, and your investments are yielding the greatest return. Our results are so effective that many of our clients find that they not only fully recoup their investment in us, but are set up to continue achieving success long after the project has ended.

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Technology Leadership

«New» When Aims Community College was faced with the sudden departure of its CIO, the new president had 3 days to find a replacement who could provide the leadership and expertise to stabilize the IT organization and create a culture of teamwork. She turned to CampusWorks for help.

When CampusWorks’ CIO arrived onsite, she found infrastructure problems, security concerns, lacking governance structure, no centralized help desk, outdated policies and procedures, and silos that impeded collaboration. Typically, a technology assessment would have been the first order of business, but given the unique situation, CampusWorks’ CIO started by focusing on the people—building rapport, developing trust, breaking down silos to create a culture of teamwork, and empowering staff by providing training on skills they were lacking.

In a short time, the CampusWorks team was able to help Aims Community College create an environment of trust and collaboration, complete an IT staff assessment and realign team members based on their skills and experience to make IT more service-focused, and develop a three-year technology roadmap that will take them where they want to go.

Without a CIO leading the charge, an IT department can lose its way. CampusWorks' seasoned executives have a strong background in higher education technology, and they are prepared to step in and provide the leadership support necessary to ensure that your IT department continues achieving its goals and supporting your institution's vision.

CampusWorks was able to intervene during a critical time at Aims Community College, transforming a challenging IT environment into a cohesive organization that is set up to succeed.

Hear what Dr. Leah Bornstein has to say about her experience with CampusWorks...

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ERP Expertise

When Daytona State College was burdened with an ERP system that was nearly 20 years old and no longer meeting their needs, they faced a big decision: upgrade their existing system or replace it entirely. There were a lot of factors to consider, so they called on CampusWorks to help.

We started by conducting an ERP Evaluation to understand how they were using their existing system and assess its ability to serve end users. We uncovered a number of technical problems and strategic disadvantages, which ultimately helped Daytona State decide to retire their existing system and implement a new one.

When it comes to ERP system selection, CampusWorks has extensive experience. Not only have we worked with all of the major platforms, but we specialize in higher education, so we know what questions to ask and can foresee potential obstacles. With this knowledge in mind, we helped Daytona State develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) and evaluate each system's functionality against the institution's goals. Together, we were able to identify the platform that would best meet their needs, and we continue to provide guidance during the implementation process.

By bringing in an ERP expert, Daytona State not only saved time and money, they were able to invest with confidence.

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"Trust is a big issue when it comes to a project of this size. The CampusWorks team was able to build our trust quickly because they are so knowledgeable. Their personalities made them feel like part of our team."

- Roberto Lombardo, Sr. Vice President of IT, Daytona State College


Accreditation Success

When the new chancellor at San Jose Evergreen Community College District was faced with a neglected infrastructure, an ineffective administrative system, no technology plan, and the prospect of losing accreditation, she turned to CampusWorks for help.

Through a comprehensive technology assessment, we evaluated the needs of the district and its colleges and developed a multi-year strategic technology plan that was tightly aligned with their goals and vision. This plan served as a key document for the district's accreditation visit and received exceptional feedback from the accreditation board.

Even though SJECCD had the budget to install a new ERP system, CampusWorks found a way to reengineer their current system to meet the district's needs, which saved them $5 million and resulted in lower annual maintenance costs. With these newfound savings, SJECCD was able to allocate resources to other important projects, like implementing new learning management and library systems and upgrading their network infrastructure.

Through our collaborative partnership, CampusWorks helped San Jose Evergreen Community College District overhaul its technology infrastructure, save money, improve student service, and preserve its accreditation.

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Download » Changing the Game at San Jose Evergreen Community College District

 “CampusWorks could put out the fires in hell…”

– Dr. Rita Cepeda, Chancellor, San Jose Evergreen Community College District


Increased Efficiencies

With growth comes challenges. Touro College and University System learned this when they realized their financial aid processes and systems were no longer keeping pace with the demands of their growing institution. That's when they called CampusWorks for help.

Through a collaborative Business Process Review, we pinpointed inefficient processes and systems and identified improvements that would serve as the foundation for a healthy financial aid services organization. By reengineering Touro's financial aid system, we were able to transform loan processing from a manual procedure to an automated capability and offer students a web portal to access real-time financial aid information. We also helped Touro streamline their financial aid process to keep up with their growth demands, setting them up for success for years to come.

In less than one year, our partnership saved Touro millions of dollars and transformed the way they serve their growing student body.

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"You guys are amazing. Not only brilliant, but unbelievably hard working...nonstop. My heartfelt thanks for what you have done."

– David Raab, Executive Vice President, Touro College and University System


Cost Savings

Implementing an ERP system can be one of the most expensive and complicated initiatives for an institution. So when Gulf Coast State College decided to replace its inefficient legacy system with a new ERP system, they brought in CampusWorks to help.

We negotiated with the ERP vendor to secure contract discounts that reduced implementation costs by one-third. And we worked closely with the Gulf Coast team to employ our Legacy Migration best practice, which we've developed from years of experience, to facilitate a smooth implementation and successful rollout that was completed six weeks ahead of schedule. Our partnership saved both time and money and the project was recognized by the college president as one of their most successful undertakings.

Discover how CampusWorks can help with your ERP implementation.

“Only 10% of ERP implementations come in on budget and on time. That is an interesting statistic and places us in elite company. This was only possible through extreme cooperation between CampusWorks and Gulf Coast and tireless efforts of college and CampusWorks employees.”

– Herman Daniels, Immediate Past CIO, Gulf Coast State College


Contract Negotiations

Without leadership, institutions can lose momentum. That's why Buena Vista University called CampusWorks when they needed a Chief Information Officer.

Our senior-level professionals have the technical expertise and leadership experience to step into technology leadership roles and provide you with seamless support. During our time as CIO, we worked closely with BVU's team to continue accomplishing important goals. Together we developed a strategic plan that aligned the institution's business operations and drove performance, executed a 5-year technology roadmap that will result in a greater return on technology investments, and managed the implementation of an ERP system that will better serve students and staff. We also negotiated a long-term 60% discount on hardware and services for a university-wide telepresence system, as well as significant savings from other key vendors, which enabled BVU to reallocate their budget to projects that will improve overall service.

Find out how CampusWorks can help you with technology leadership and project management.

“CampusWorks has already paid for themselves”

– Fred Moore, President, Buena Vista University (5 months into the contract)

Grant Funding

When Bergen Community College needed to update their technology infrastructure but didn't have the budget to do it, CampusWorks helped.

We worked closely with Bergen's team to develop a technology roadmap that would upgrade existing technologies, implement new systems, and expand their services. To find the money to support our vision, we identified and authored 11 technology grant proposals for the New Jersey Higher Education Capital Facilities Program. Ten grants were successfully funded, and we were able to implement the technology roadmap and transform their institution.

Learn how CampusWorks can help you secure grant funding and transform your IT organization.


Faster Financial Aid

When Hillsborough Community College discovered that 60% of their students did not have financial aid packaged by the first day of class, they asked CampusWorks to help.

With five campuses and three centers that serve more than 48,000 students annually, HCC was concerned that their ERP system might not be able to keep up with the demands of their growing institution. We performed an ERP Evaluation to uncover why their current platform was failing and discovered that the system wasn't being used to its fullest potential. We followed up with an intensive Business Process Review, through which we identified inefficiencies within the financial aid services organization.

Based on these findings, we helped HCC move to a centralized processing center, optimize their financial aid management system, and streamline their financial aid processes to become more efficient. As a result of our collaborative partnership, every student is now packaged 3 days before their classes start.

Discover how CampusWorks can improve your Financial Aid services.


Improved Help Desk Services

When Middlesex Community College realized that up to 80% of its help desk calls were related to username and password issues, CampusWorks was able to help.

Under our leadership as CIO, we implemented an identity management system that gives students and staff the ability to reset their passwords themselves. This has dramatically reduced the number of calls to the help desk and has allowed the support staff to focus on other priorities. As a result, MCC saw a 400% increase in its application portfolio but didn't need to hire additional staff.

Find out how CampusWorks can improve your identity management system.

“The college must continue to invest in technology and cannot afford to make a bad decision with its financial or human resources. I have extreme confidence that all recommended projects from CampusWorks are technically well-conceived and fiscally well-balanced.”

– Jay Linnehan, Executive Vice President, Middlesex Community College


Shorter Lines

Students should be spending their time in class, not in long lines at the financial aid office. But this is exactly what was happening at Bergen Community College. With only two service windows and 90% of their student body receiving financial aid, BCC needed to change the way they handled financial aid. So they called CampusWorks for help.

Through a collaborative partnership, we assessed the challenges facing their students and staff, identified broken processes, and developed a technology roadmap to align their infrastructure with their goals. With our help, Bergen reengineered student services to eliminate inefficient processes, increased compliance with financial aid regulations, improved service delivery, and shortened the lines.

Learn how CampusWorks can help you fix financial aid services.


Reliable Registration

When the new president at Columbus State Community College was confronted with a neglected IT infrastructure that was causing their registration system to crash every year, he called on CampusWorks to help.

CampusWorks stepped in as vice president for information technology, and we provided the technical expertise and leadership to establish a strong infrastructure and associated services. Through close collaboration with the IT staff, faculty, and college leadership, we developed and executed strategic and instructional technology plans, addressed significant ERP system performance issues, retooled technology services, established a technology governance structure, and developed institutional research and reporting tools.

As a result, Columbus State's technology infrastructure was completely transformed. We helped transition their academic calendar from quarters to semesters, enhanced the ERP platform to improve online student services, and rolled out technology-enabled classrooms. And for the first time in twelve years, they enjoyed their first (of many) smooth registrations.

Find out how CampusWorks can help you overcome IT challenges.

“As a new president two years ago the challenges in Information Technology were at the top of my worry list. Now they don’t even cross my mind.”

 – Dr. David Harrison, President, Columbus State Community College


Improved Student Experience

When Clark State Community College needed to improve its IT infrastructure and learning management system, they brought in CampusWorks to help.

We conducted a Business Process Review and identified opportunities to enhance the way students experience Clark State. Through our collaborative partnership, we optimized the user environment so the learning management system works for the students, faculty, and staff—not the other way around. We also improved help desk support with the implementation of a new ticket system and ERP system support by providing remote systems administration and programming. As a result, Clark State Community College will grow to the next level of IT maturity, while providing improved student success, communication and collaboration.

See how CampusWorks can help you retool technology to improve your students' experience.

"CampusWorks brings fresh eyes and valuable experience to our technology challenges. Their seasoned IT professionals understand how a system should perform and they take a student-centered approach in their recommendations. It's been an excellent relationship."

– Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, President, Clark State Community College


Technology Transformation

When Bunker Hill Community College wanted to transform their technology to better serve their students, they teamed up with CampusWorks.

Together we developed a strategic vision and aligned their business practices to focus on student service and success. We worked across functions to lead a series of ERP system optimizations, implement new technology, and strengthen reporting tools.

As a result of our collaboration, the admissions application process is now faster and easier, student advising has improved because more comprehensive data are available, students have access to personalized services and information through a web portal and mobile technology, their learning plans are supported by refined degree audit functionality, and they spend less time standing in line because add/drop functionality is now automated.

By changing the way Bunker Hill's technology serves their students, faculty, and staff, we've set them up for a successful future.

Hear what John Pitcher has to say about working with CampusWorks...

Discover how CampusWorks can help you transform technology.


Budget Challenges

When Coconino Community College was faced with an unstable IT department and tight budget, they turned to CampusWorks for help.

Serving as chief information officer, CampusWorks provided the technical expertise, leadership, and creative thinking they needed to turnaround IT and improve services and support at a lower cost. Through a collaborative Second Opinion Technology Assessment, we were able to identify where their technology was failing and how we could fix it. We worked together to develop a strategic plan that would align their resources with the college's vision and a tactical plan that would run their infrastructure more efficiently without reducing services or support.

Our efforts resulted in a reorganized IT department that is not only stable, but is equipped to meet the college's current and future needs. By consolidating services, eliminating expenses caused by outages and inefficiencies, and creating partnerships with peer schools and IT leaders to share resources, we managed to reduce costs and give students access to tools and services they wouldn't otherwise have. Not only does Coconino have a whole new culture around technology, their IT department became cost-neutral within three years.

Discover how CampusWorks can help you turnaround IT.

“Hiring CampusWorks to restructure our IT department, train and empower IT staff, and develop process and financial IT best practices was a necessary and good decision. Joe Traino, the CampusWorks CIO, is an excellent fit among our employees and has offered the expertise and professionalism needed to make changes immediately and effectively. Our IT customers, internal and external, are extraordinarily pleased with the improvements made over the past year.” 

– Dr. Leah Bornstein, President, Coconino Community College

Slow Log-On Speeds

Little issues can become big annoyances. Mount Mercy University learned this when connectivity problems plagued their campus and logging on to the network could take as long as five minutes. That's when they called CampusWorks for help.

We conducted a network assessment to understand where the problems were occurring and determine the best solution. We discovered that much of their hardware was in good shape but maintenance had been all but ignored. Together we optimized their network by leveraging existing hardware with new equipment and implementing a maintenance plan. The results were immediate. Connectivity improved, log-on lags disappeared, and MMU was able to offer their students convenient new services like wireless printing, mobile hotspots and support for their own devices.

Learn how CampusWorks can help you address technology issues before they become big annoyances.

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