When you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work.


Excellent Leadership,
Exceptional Work Environment.

At CampusWorks, we don't just help our clients succeed; we help our employees succeed. Competitive pay, robust benefits, professional development opportunities, and meaningful work are some of the many reasons that CampusWorks is a great place to build your career.

But don't take our word for it. Hear what our employees love about CampusWorks…


«New» We Do What's Best for Our Clients 

“I love CampusWorks' commitment to doing what’s in the best interest of our clients. Sometimes we have to have difficult conversations, but our clients trust that we are honest and forthright, which, I believe, sets us apart.”

- Jamey P., Senior Assessment & Optimization Executive Leader


Teamwork and Support

"I'm grateful for the teamwork and support I've found at CampusWorks. The assessments are high energy and highly collaborative efforts. The assessment teams I have been involved with have been composed of very talented, dynamic, and hardworking people who were focused on getting it right. In all of my engagements there has been very active support from all areas of the company."

- Dave S., Senior Technologist


Unparallelled Support 

“I truly appreciate my team members at CampusWorks. They are always there to support each other and go out of their way to make sure you and your clients are happy. I also like the way the executive team supports their teams in the field at any time, day or night. I know I can call, text, or email them for any reason. My questions are always answered and my concerns are always addressed.”

- Teresa S., Sr. Optimization Specialist


Inspiring Ideas

"Working at CampusWorks allows me to see different institutions using the same software differently, which it inspires new ideas for programming. I also appreciate that my work allows me to meet new people."

- April M., Sr. Technologist


Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

“I enjoy working with other consultants who each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from various backgrounds within both fields of technology and higher education.”

- Wes Y., Senior Technologist


Clients Who Need Our Help

“The clients we work with really need our help. With just the few clients I’ve worked with so far, we’ve assisted them with process improvements, trained them to use their ERP software more efficiently, and implemented software solutions to allow the staff to work smarter, not harder. I also love that CampusWorks allows me to work part-time, which is much desired at this point in my life.”

- Karen S., Senior Optimization Executive

Diverse Experience

"Working at different institutions, I get to see a broad swath of infrastructure, governance, and technology. At every site my knowledge of what works and what does not work expands.”

- Jeff A., Senior IT Executive


Having a Positive Impact on Society

“I love that our vision and mission is lived out and practiced every day. It’s so well-aligned with my personal and professional goals. Being able to have a positive impact on society through our work is unparalleled in my experience.”

- Justin R., Senior Assessment & Optimization Executive Leader


A Company that Cares

 "It is always a pleasure to work for a company that cares about the people. CampusWorks has shown time after time that it values its employees and consultants by providing opportunities to work in various dynamic environments."

- Eric M., Senior Optimization Specialist


Wonderful People

“I love the travel and the wonderful people I get to work with!”

- Sarah D., Project Manager


Rewarding Work

"I’ve been fortunate to be involved in various projects, and it's rewarding to see clients benefit from using technology better and more efficiently."

- Joe N., Senior IT Executive


Sense of Team

“I love working with people who are experts in their fields and the sense of team.”

- Billie D., Senior IT Executive


We Make a Difference

"We make a difference in higher education, which is really valuable and a great thing to remember when life gets crazy. Also, I work with some wonderful, top notch, brilliant, really really nice people." 

- Pamela D., Director of Administrative Operations


Talented Colleagues, Shared Mission

"I enjoy working with extremely talented and personable colleagues who share the same goals and mission."

- Peter B., Senior IT Executive


New Challenges

"I love assisting our clients in different ways and all of the new challenges I'm confronted with each day."

- Byron S., Senior Technologist


Stellar Staff

"My favorite thing about working for CampusWorks is the stellar staff."

- Veronica L., Talent Acquisition Manager

A Team that Goes Above and Beyond

"The CampusWorks team consists of handpicked professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields. Everyone on the team is always available and willing to go above and beyond, to provide you with the support and assistance that you need to achieve your goals and deliverables to the client. It is always with a smile! I am proud to be a part of this team!"

– Vinny Z., Senior IT Executive


Doing Right by our Clients

"I like the model that CampusWorks has as being a ‘partner’ of the college, where we do what is right for the client. We serve as a temporary extension of their staff resources, which enables them to accomplish projects that they are struggling with."

– Elizabeth G., Senior Optimization Executive & Program Manager


Interesting Work

"We have very high quality people to work with. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, friendly, and hard working. We have excellent leadership. We enjoy an exceptional work environment. We have a mission that one can be passionate about, and we accomplish good things for our clients. The work is very interesting."

– Fletcher L., Senior Optimization Executive


Talented People

"I like helping higher education become more efficient because it gives faculty more time to teach and students more time to learn. I also like our very highly talented people and their individual passion for improving higher education."

– Karen B., Senior Director, Assessment & Optimization


Diverse Range of Clients

"Working with such a diverse range of clients keeps things interesting and fun!"

– Rudy M., Web Design Consultant


Great Support System

"They have your back. No matter who you are at CampusWorks, if a colleague calls with a question or to chat over an issue, they are there for you. I have never had anyone not return an email or a phone call. Great support system."

– Teresa S., Senior Optimization Specialist


Diverse Experiences

"Within the halls of IT leadership, it is important to experience different environments to learn what others have been successful and not so successful in attaining. As part of this experience, the lessons learned help us to become better and more successful leaders. The diversity in computing environments is one of the reasons that have attracted me to CampusWorks."

–  Jeff A., Senior Technologist


Being a Trusted Advisor

"I like working for CampusWorks because of the unique opportunity I have to provide essential technology services and best practices recommendations to clients in need. To be viewed as a 'trusted advisor' by clients is a responsibility I take very seriously."

– Patricia W., Senior Optimization Specialist


Improving Higher Education

"I like working with professionals who enjoy improving business practices at higher educational institutions."

– Mark K., Senior Optimization Specialist


Challenge, Flexibility, and Teamwork

"I have never worked for such an amazing company with incredible people at every level. The challenge, flexibility, and teamwork make it a wonderful experience here at CampusWorks!"

– Therese W., Human Resources & Accounting Assistant


Growing Company

"I enjoy working for CampusWorks because we are a growing, energetic, and profitable company lead by a management team that is concerned about the quality of services we provide our customers, is concerned about the staff, and recognizes employees for their hard work in assisting in the growth and profitability of CampusWorks."

– Noreen G., Controller


Passionate Team

"I like working at CampusWorks because I get a chance to work with many bright people who are passionate about our clients."

– Ed G., Chief Operating Officer


Helping to Make a Difference

"I like working for CampusWorks because I feel my efforts are helping staff streamline their business processes which enable them to be proactive rather than reactive. End result: better student service."

– Mary H., Senior Optimization Specialist


Meaningful Work

"I love knowing that our work is making a difference in students' lives."

– Erika L., Marketing Communication Manager


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