Shared Services & Collaborative Services

Shared services and collaborative services for higher education.

Disruptive forces, like declining funding and enrollment and increasing competition and regulatory requirements, are stretching higher education institutions’ scare resources dangerously thin. CampusWorks positions colleges and universities for success by helping them to maximize their return on investment (ROI) in both systems and staff, optimize business processes and operations, and provide a world-class student experience. We do this by helping institutions move away from the old, cost-prohibitive “build it, own it” IT model to a cost-effective on-demand services model, which may be referred to as “Collaborative Services.”

The Collaborative Services model changes the way institutions approach IT by providing access to on-demand technology resources and allowing them to use as much (or as little) as they need—and pay accordingly. Collaborative Services allows institutions to “turn on and off” technology services, allowing them to receive all the technical support they need for a fraction of the cost because it takes significant overhead out of the equation.

Another model that helps higher education institutions operate more efficiently is shared services, which typically involves organizations working together to centralize functions like billing systems, administrative processing areas, and hard-to-retain talent. While the shared services model has been around for decades, the advent of high-speed internet and cloud computing has enabled it to evolve from location-based “neighborhood” consortia to “birds of a feather” collaborations, allowing institutions with a shared need to work together regardless of location.

CampusWorks provides shared services and collaborative services in the following areas:

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