Enrollment Recovery Coaching & Roadmap

Re-energize enrollment management.

Unmatched firsthand experience combined with CampusWorks’ proprietary approach to reimagining key enrollment processes, empowers enrollment recovery coaches to identify actionable opportunities and impact your institution’s pipeline in real time. 

CampusWorks can help you recover enrollment for Spring 2022 and beyond.  

Each of our enrollment recovery coaches has held multiple leadership positions in higher education and understands that the challenges facing today’s teams feel insurmountable. They bring the inspiration and consistent strategic guidance needed to assure those facing even the steepest declines that short-term gains can be realized. Our coaches join your team to refocus resources on immediate high-value tasks proven to return enrollment (like assessing key target segments - stop outs, transfers, concurrent enrollments, etc.). Additionally, they:

  • Develop and recommend key processes and performance metrics which leverage existing technology and resources
  • Assess and recommend organizational changes to optimize enrollment management 
  • Inform ongoing actions, guide development of a long-term strategy to sustain results, and train enrollment team members as needed, and 
  • Liaise with institutional leadership to deliver progress updates in line with institutional goals.

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