Shared Services Assessment

Shared services assessments for higher education.

Shared services can result in reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and the opportunity to enhance the student, staff, and faculty experience. CampusWorks' Shared Services Assessment will help you determine which operational services your institution should share and which should remain localized. With the shared services recommendations in hand, your institution will be able to properly focus on redesigning the appropriate business processes to align with the new shared services model.  

As part of the Shared Services Assessment, the CampusWorks team will facilitate a workshop to:

  • Engage institutional leaders in this transformational process
  • Determine readiness for shared services
  • Identify potential areas where shared services can be leveraged

In addition to identifying areas that might benefit from shared services, the workshop will also identify key obstacles and concerns that that will need to be overcome for this model to be effective across the institution, including:

  • Staff concerns about job loss or reduced job security
  • Loss of control, college distinction, uniqueness, and traditions
  • Perception that shared services are too hard to implement
  • Inability to “do it our way” and “customize our systems the way we wish”
  • Fear of change and the “unknown”
  • Competitive fears
  • Cultural inertia, “we’ve always done it this way”

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