Data, Analytics, and Reporting Assessment

Data, analytics, and reporting (DAR) assessments for higher education.

Colleges and universities rely on data, analytics, and reporting to help students succeed academically, inform strategic decisions, and improve operations. It’s critical to ensure that your current reporting solutions are aligned with your institution's goals and are being used effectively to meet your community's reporting and analytical needs.

CampusWorks' DAR Assessment will evaluate your institution's data, analytics, and reporting environment from both a technical and functional perspective to determine if there is room for increased efficiency, accuracy, and access to reporting information. The assessment will provide insight into how your current tools and reporting solutions are being used, their strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities to better leverage your investment.

As a result of participating in a DAR Assessment, your institution will achieve:

  • Alignment of data definitions and reporting across the organization to deliver accurate information across multiple views.
  • A holistic understanding of the necessary direction, in terms of enterprise reporting and analytics, over the next 3-5 years to achieve the desired strategic and operational outcomes.
  • Clarity around how the centralized reporting environments and departmental reporting environments are aligned to ensure clear and consistent information.
  • Opportunities to streamline your efforts, increase reporting and analytical value, and drive greater return on your institution’s technology and human investments.

Application and analytics services

Based on your institution’s needs, CampusWorks can help you develop and/or implement analytics products, data analysis, business intelligence, reporting, key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, predictive analytics, data warehouses, and other statistical tools. Our application and analytics services include:

  • Staff augmentation for institutional research, reporting, and analytics
  • Reporting and analytics assessment and strategy development
  • Dashboard and report development
  • Project management

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