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Defining Student Success,
Improving the Student Experience.

Business processes are at the heart of every institution. They are designed to serve your students and help them succeed, but over time they tend to evolve organically and unsystematically, eventually becoming confusing and complicated. That’s why it’s important to review your business processes on a regular basis.

Here's how we can help…

Process Reimagine & Redesign

At CampusWorks, we begin every Process Reimagine & Redesign with the end goal in mind. By first defining what student success should look like, we can help you eliminate operational barriers that stand in the way. Since admissions, advising, registration, and financial aid all contribute to the student experience, we believe that every department should work together to create an academic atmosphere that supports students as they navigate your institution's processes and procedures. CampusWorks' Process Reimagine & Redesign facilitates participation among faculty, staff, and students to get a broad understanding of the current student experience and create a shared vision of the desired experience. And we use a best practice methodology to ensure a consistent approach across all evaluated areas and resources.

When the project is complete, you will have a Vision Statement that defines the desired student experience and serves as a guide for developing new business processes, a future state process map that describes our recommendations and next steps, and a sustainable model for conducting future reviews to ensure that new processes evolve systematically.

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Improved Student Experience at Clark State Community College

When Clark State Community College needed to improve its IT infrastructure and learning management system, they brought in CampusWorks to help.

We conducted a Process Reimagine & Redesign and identified opportunities to enhance the way students experience Clark State. Through our collaborative partnership, we optimized the user environment so the learning management system works for the students, faculty, and staff—not the other way around. We also improved help desk support with the implementation of a new ticket system and ERP system support by providing remote systems administration and programming. As a result, Clark State Community College will grow to the next level of IT maturity, while providing improved student success, communication, and collaboration.

"CampusWorks brings fresh eyes and valuable experience to our technology challenges. Their seasoned IT professionals understand how a system should perform and they take a student-centered approach in their recommendations. It's been an excellent relationship."

- Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, President, Clark State Community College

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